These Kids' Foods Hitting Supermarkets Have Us Psyched for Back to School

Budget-friendly and freezer-ready, these one-stop snacks will keep the hangries at bay.
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Credit: Courtesy Smucker’s

Keeping kids fueled up—especially when they're back in school—is a time-honored challenge for parents. But we're here to help. With a good balance of protein or vegetables and carbs, these ready-to-go treats are great to tuck into a lunchbox or keep on hand for the after-school hangries. They hit the kid sweet spot of being tasty, filling, and most of all, easy for them to make. We scoured the supermarket freezer aisle for the 10 best new options to stock your freezer with. See if you don't think about tucking one of these into your own lunchbox this fall.

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Smucker's Uncrustables

Smucker's was one of the first to take the PB&J to the ease of frozen and has expanded their offerings a lot (look no further than the brand-new Uncured Pepperoni Bites and and Roll-ups just hitting your freezer section this month). Beyond the classic strawberry jam or grape jelly, these round pocket sandwiches now also come in Peanut Butter and Honey and Chocolate Hazelnut Spread versions, both of which are frankly pretty adult-friendly as well. But I'm most excited about their new roll-ups, which are turkey and cheese and Neufchatel cream cheese rolled up in thin bread for a really good protein kick.

Buy it: Smucker's Uncrustables Peanut Butter and Honey ($5.19), 

Buy it: Smucker's Uncrustables Roll-ups Turkey and Cheese ($6.89), 

Jimmy Dean
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Jimmy Dean Biscuit Roll-ups

Sure, breakfast sandwiches are great first thing in the morning, but that doesn't make those flavors less appealing all day long.  Jimmy Dean has created Biscuit Roll-ups, and they are a great grab-and-go snack. Microwaveable and ready in under a minute.

Buy it: Jimmy Dean Biscuit Roll-ups ($8.69), 

Sandwich Bros
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Sandwich Bros. Flatbread Pocket Sandwiches

Sandwich Brothers out of Wisconsin has taken three of your favorite sandwiches, converted to pita pockets, and frozen them in half-sizes to make them utterly snackable. They come in Angus Cheeseburger, Chicken Melts, and Egg and Cheese versions, all of which are microwaveable. Your kids can add whatever dipping condiment they might want to customize them. One-handed snacking perfection.

Buy it: Sandwich Bros. Angus Cheeseburgers Flatbread Pocket Sandwiches 6 Count ($7.49), 

Buy it: Sandwich Bros. Chicken Melts Flatbread Pocket Sandwiches 6 Count ($7.49), 

Buy it: Sandwich Bros. Egg and Cheese Flatbread Pocket Sandwiches 6 Count ($7.49), 

DiGiorno Pizza
Credit: Courtesy Walmart

DiGiorno Stromboli

If you have older kids with heartier appetites who might need something of a more serious snack, DiGiorno Stromboli Sandwiches will be their new go-to. These hearty pizza pockets can be made in the toaster oven and are stuffed to the gills with meat and cheese to keep them satisfied.

Buy it: DiGiorno Three Meat Stromboli ($5.19), 

Bantam Bagels
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Bantam Bagels Mini Stuffed Bagels

I love these Bantam Bagels mini bagel bombs stuffed with cream cheese. Again, toaster oven friendly, and a great balance between carbs and protein, they are super satisfying for a kids' snack, but also weirdly good to have on hand for fun appetizers.

Buy it: Bantam Bagels Mini Stuffed Bagels ($5.79), 

Feel Good Foods
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Feel Good Foods Three Cheese Bites

Speaking of appetizers as snacks, especially when you want things that are a bit on the healthier side without losing kid-friendly flavors, Feel Good Foods has some great options. Their Three Cheese Bites are wrapped in a cauliflower crust for sneaking in vegetables, and their Vegetable Egg Rolls are so great they'll never miss the meat!

Buy it: Feel Good Foods Three Cheese Bites ($8.09), 

Buy it: Feel Good Foods Vegetable Egg Rolls ($8.09),