Seriously. Can’t live without it. 
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Usually when I go to Costco, I try to have a set list of household needs because I am terribly susceptible to impulse buys and can accidentally find myself with a cart laden with everything from steaks and chips to clothes and small appliances. But every now and again, something spontaneous will sneak its way into my purchase that ends up becoming one of my standard purchases. And right now, that is the NaturSource Salad Topper.

Why I love NaturSource Salad Toppers

Credit: Courtesy NaturSource

This sassy blend of dry roasted sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and dried cranberries with a hint of salty tamari might be called a salad topper, and it is terrific on salads, but it has become so much more. It has that perfect mix of nutty, sweet, savory, and salty flavors that really work brilliantly in every application.

Costco bag
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24 ways to use this salad topper that aren't topping salads

I sprinkle my treasured salad topper over everything from yogurt for breakfast to ice cream for dessert. I have used it as part of a topping for a fruit crisp and folded it into oatmeal cookies. It makes a terrific addition to homemade granola or muesli cereal, or in a crust for cheesecake or as a topper on sweet bread loaves or muffins. If you like to make homemade candy, it is terrific for a new take on brittle or chocolate bark, or to roll truffles in.

If you like to make home baked breads or crackers, this stuff is a secret weapon. And if you like a peanut butter sandwich with a little something extra, sprinkle some on top of the peanut butter before closing the sandwich. Add some chocolate chips or M&Ms for an instant trail mix or toss with wasabi peas and rice crackers for an Asian inspired snack to serve with cocktails.

NaturSource Salad
Credit: Courtesy NaturSource

It is great with cheese, so roll a log of chevre in it for your next cheese platter or make an open-faced cheese toast with cheddar or brie and sprinkle it on top of the melted cheese for crunch and flavor. If my steamed vegetables need perking up a handful on top brings great crunch, and it is amazing on baked sweet potatoes. Come fall, I'll be using it to garnish everything from pumpkin soup to pumpkin mousse and might just add it to my Thanksgiving stuffing.

Buy it: NaturSource Salad Topper Smart Life 2 lb. bag ($11.18),