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If you have been debating investing in a countertop oven and find the number of options in the category a bit overwhelming, never fear. I am here to say that there is one oven that will do everything you never knew you always needed. And if you have been very good this year, you are going to want to put this on the very top of your request list for Santa!

Does one countertop oven really do everything well?

I have tested so many countertop ovens in the past few years I can barely remember them all, but one thing is usually true. They often do a great job at one or two applications and then fall short on the rest of their promises. The ones that are great at air frying are less good at roasting or baking, or the reverse is true. They promise dehydrating, but it never goes as well as using a dehydrator. The ones that do convection can sometimes heat unevenly when the fan is off.

The FOTILE ChefCubii 4-in-1 Steam-Combi Oven

So, I was naturally skeptical when I got the FOTILE ChefCubii 4-in-1 Steam-Combi Oven to test. Could this combi system perform all the dozen applications it claims? I am delighted to report that this beauty is indeed living up to all of its promise, with exceptional performance in every category, making it a next-level piece of cooking equipment, and a worthy piece of kit for anyone's kitchen.

Fotile Oven
Credit: Amazon

What makes the ChefCubii Oven my pick

For starters, it is a true combi-oven, which means it combines steam and heat. That makes it the most truly versatile countertop oven I have ever tested, and the only one with a steam option. You can use it as a steamer, for fish or perfectly cooked vegetables, or in combination with the baking mode, for those crispy-crusted breads that are as good as any professional bakery. 

It can maintain low temps to serve as a bread proofer or warming drawer but heat up hot for roasting meats and baking. The convection gives you both true convection and convection baking options, as well as air frying capabilities. There are two levels of steam heat, so you can steam cook hardy rice or delicate eggs or custards. It has a broiling function that can brown meats, but also turns it into a toaster oven. The dehydrate function includes a special humidity chip to ensure even and complete drying.

My favorite features of the ChefCubii Oven 

But here are some of the things that really sets it apart. First off, the interior capacity is much larger than most countertop ovens—a full cubic foot—so you can roast a large chicken or a small prime rib, making it large enough for a family of 4-6, but not overwhelmingly huge if you are just one or two in your household. It has preset menus and dishes that allow you to just press a button and automatically do everything from baking potatoes to air frying chicken nuggets to dehydrating homemade beef jerky. It comes with a rack, a perforated tray and a solid tray so that you have maximum flexibility. And the Assist functions include descaling, steam cleaning, and drying, so keeping it clean is a breeze.

Simple two-knob functionality makes it super easy to use, and the size is about the same as a microwave oven. The more I use it, the more I find ways to use it, and it has quickly become a valued part of my home cooking arsenal. More and more these days I am using my wall ovens only for larger cooking projects and relying on the ChefCubii for a lot of my day-to-day cooking. 

The small size makes it a great investment for those who only have one oven, since it will add 50% more capability to your cooking without having to install a new appliance, but also is portable enough for those who might want to bring it with them to a vacation home.

Finally, one of the things I love the most is how quiet even the convection operation is. My convection wall ovens sound like a jet engine, but this thing purrs like a luxury car. Even better, no special hookup or ventilation required: All you need is a countertop and a grounded outlet, and purified water to fill the steam tank and you will be up and running within half an hour out of the box.

Is the ChefCubii Oven worth the price?

At just under $500, this is an investment piece, for sure. But as I've learned while testing it, the ChefCubii 4-in-1 Steam-Combi Oven is more than worth the price. I cannot recommend this one enough, for yourself or a loved one who is passionate about cooking. 

Buy it: FOTILE ChefCubii 4-in-1 Steam-Combi Oven ($499), amazon.com