All the meaty satisfaction, with a healthy dose of veggies tucked in.

I’m a big fan of the things parents do to trick children into eating more vegetables: hiding zucchini in brownies and cakes, tucking carrots into meatballs and sloppy Joes, layering finely chopped spinach in between noodles and cheese in lasagna. I don’t know why this isn’t a more accepted way to feed myself as a grown adult. Why wouldn’t I want to eat more vegetables without actually noticing that I’m eating more vegetables? Isn’t that the dream?

That’s why Seemore Sausages are one of my new favorite go-to weeknight meals. Founded by a fourth-generation butcher (and a woman!), Seemore’s sausages combine meat from humanely raised, hormone and antibiotic-free animals with up to 35 percent vegetables. The result is a line of delicious, often brightly-colored, sausages that have all the satisfaction of an all-meat sausage, as well as the personal and global satisfaction of knowing that you ate a little less meat.

The sausages are available in lots of states at Whole Foods, as well as in plenty of other grocery stores, and for purchase online if you’re not near any retailers. My favorite is the La Dolce Beet-a (did I mention they all have super cute names and colorful, delightful packaging?) I’m not usually into beets (actually, I kind of hate them), but these sausages are, first of all, bright pink. In addition to beets, they’re flavored with garlic and fennel in a base of pork, so they have a mild Italian sausage vibe. I’ve eaten them as a super quick dinner with a side of roasted vegetables, and gone as far as to remove them from the sausage casings and crumble them for an excellent pasta sauce.

Seemore’s other flavors include a Broccoli Melt sausage that has, yes, broccolini, as well as spicy pepperoncini and gobs of Monterrey Jack. It has also become a favorite go-to weeknight dinner option. Bubbe’s Chicken Soup is a chicken sausage with dill, parsley, roasted carrots and garlic that is endlessly comforting. And then there’s Loaded Baked Potato, which has almost convinced me to like baked potatoes—if only all of them were made into sausage form with bacon bits, and plenty of chives.

The best thing about Seemore is that they leave you feeling incredibly satisfied—there’s no feeling of having compromised for your health or to reduce your meat intake. Instead, they leave you feeling sated and happy, but not overwhelmed and bloated. Plus, with all those vegetables blended right in, you can eat just a sausage for dinner and call it a night. Talk about a one-pan meal.