From produce and meats to meal kits and pantry staples, find out how to cut costs while making your life so much easier.  

Ordering groceries and other kitchen needs online is definitely a time saver, but can it be a money saver? It turns out that yes, with some simple strategies, you can cut costs ordering your food products online. Here are our top six ways to save money by ordering online.

1. Take advantage of new customer deals

Pretty much every online shopportunity will come with a discount for your first order. Take advantage of this offer by spreading out shopping over different sites! If you love to cook from meal kits like HelloFresh or Blue Apron, take the option of those deals on your first order, and then pause the kits to test a different one. With so many to choose from, you can explore the full range of what is available at greatly reduced prices, and then decide which one might be the one to keep long term once you have exhausted all of your "new customer" savings.

2. Embrace imperfection

There are a lot of services now that are selling everything from "ugly" produce to production seconds (check out Imperfect Foods for an example!). You get great savings and help to reduce food waste.

3. Cut out the middleman

There is an explosion right now in direct-to-consumer product sales, eliminating the upcharges added by a traditional store you'd be buying them at. Look for household cleaning supplies, pantry items, and luxury foods as categories for great products and big savings. 

Food delivery
Credit: Getty / AsiaVision

4. Partner with a pal to buy in bulk

Delivery packages of things like meats, seafood, produce, or even household supplies in larger amounts can represent a lot of savings, but not everyone can take on the volume needed to get the most bang for your buck. Chat with a neighbor or friend and investigate splitting up these larger boxes, which makes it more affordable for everyone.

5. Stick to the list! Eliminate impulse buying and save on shopping

The easiest way to save money when shopping online is to make a clear list of everything you need and do not stray. Online shopping makes it easier to avoid impulse purchases, but the more you scroll and scan, the harder it can be to resist. Do a specific search on your platform for the item and brand you want, add it to your cart, and move on to the next!

6. Use coupon services and reward credit cards 

Finally, explore payment options like a cash back credit cards or online coupon programs like CouponCabin and Honey to get a little money back and extra savings on top of whatever savings you are already getting.