The stylish containers were designed in collaboration with pastry chef and author Christina Tosi.
Tosi x Pyrex
Credit: Pyrex

Sure, our food storage containers don’t need to look amazing. If you ask your grandma, she’ll probably tell you that any old Country Crock package will do the trick. But leftovers are going to happen, especially during the holiday season. We might as well store them stylishly–and Tosi x Pyrex is here to help us do just that.

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Pyrex introduced a limited edition collection of decorated glass storage containers designed by Christina Tosi last week. Tosi, a pastry chef and founder of 15 Milk Bar stores across North America, has authored three cookbooks and has appeared as a judge on MasterChef and MasterChef Junior.

"Pyrex is one of my favorite kitchen essentials–so I was incredibly excited to collaborate with them, especially in conjunction with Milk Bar's 10th birthday," said Tosi. "I'm all about fun, rule-breaking baking. We wanted to create a collection that captured this spirit with my personal touch–and looks super cute!"

The $9 containers hold 32 ounces each and are available in four black and white designs.If you purchase them on Cyber Monday, you can use code SAVE30 for 30 percent off your order.