Budget-friendly items that will make all that stay-at-home cooking go so much easier.
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Remember when we all raced out to Costco to stock up our quarantine pantries for two weeks' worth of shelf-stable ingredients? It feels like a million years ago, and it's important to congratulate yourself on pivoting to a whole lot of home cooking. And with more sheltering at home and working from home still on our horizons, let's help our pantries out and give them a good cleaning and reorganization. Check out these 10 great products (including one whole reboot system!) to make your pantry neater, easier to use, and even prettier to look at. Because you deserve it.

OXO POP Container 10-Piece Set

Credit: Courtesy Williams-Sonoma

Courtesy Williams-Sonoma

One of the easiest ways to redo your pantry is to transfer your staples such as sugar, flour, and rice into see-through canisters. You'll not only preserve their freshness longer, but you'll have a quick view of when you're running low on an essential. Look for stackable canisters like this set from OXO to better use the space between shelves.

Buy it: OXO POP Container 10-Piece Set ($99.95), williams-sonoma.com

Weck Tulip Jars

weck jars.jpg
Credit: Courtesy Williams-Sonoma

Courtesy Williams-Sonoma

Beloved by European cooks for preserving and storing, Weck glass canning jars are a beautiful and timeless way to store not only your own preserves, pickles, and vinegars, but dry goods as well. And they're pretty enough to move from pantry to counter to table, no matter what they're holding. The curved openings at the top make them especially easy to refill, and they stack well for storage in the pantry.

Buy it: Weck Tulip Jars, 35.9 oz, Set of 6 ($34.95), williams-sonoma.com

Two-Tier Revolving Spice Rack

Two-tier revolving spice rack.jpg
Credit: Courtesy Williams-Sonoma

Courtesy Williams-Sonoma

We've all spent way too many accumulated hours pulling jars and jars of spices out of the pantry to find the cumin, which somehow always ends up at the back. Revolving racks make it much easier to group spices and find them when you need them. This double-level rack also works well on the counter for high-use spices.

Buy it: Two-Tier Revolving Spice Rack ($29.95), williams-sonoma.com

iDesign Plastic Turntable

iDesign Plastic turntable.jpg
Credit: Courtesy Williams-Sonoma

Courtesy Williams-Sonoma

This budget-friendly piece is the ultimate turntable, not only for spices, but also condiments in jars or cans. Made from durable Resipreme clear plastic, this hard-working Lazy Susan is guaranteed to be your pantry-decluttering hero.

Buy it: iDesign Plastic Turntable ($24.95), williams-sonoma.com

Stasher Reusable Stand-Up Bag

Credit: Sur La Table

Sur La Table

Prepare to think outside the box (and canister) with these genius reusable silicone bags that can be filled with dried pasta, ground coffee, boxes of cereal... pretty much any dried good you want to stash. The bags pinch shut to keep an air-tight seal and are designed to stand up on their own; plus, you can write on them to date or identify what's inside. Want more reasons to stock up? They clean up in the dishwasher, work in the microwave, and are great for sous vide cooking as well. Not just for your pantry, in other words.

Buy it: Stasher Reusable Stand-Up Bag ($19.95), surlatable.com

SALT™ Cabinet Shelf

Credit: Courtesy Bed Bath & Beyond

Courtesy Bed Bath & Beyond

Double the space in your pantry with the click of an ordering button with these sturdy, moveable shelves that are perfect for canned goods as well as dishes. These also work beautifully in the refrigerator, where space can also go to waste. The medium shelf is 12.5" long, while the large is 18" long.

Buy it: SALT™ Cabinet Shelf in White ($6.99-7.99), bedbathandbeyond.com

Canvas Drawer Liner

Canvas Cotton Liner
Credit: Courtesy Container Store

Courtesy Container Store

If you're getting excited to clean out and reorganize your pantry, you'll forever be glad you went one extra step and lined your shelves. You'll have a smooth, snag-free surface for all kinds of items that will also make any spill clean-ups much easier. And things will just look better, which—given how much time we are all spending looking in our pantries—is a worthwhile investment. This canvas version has PVC backing that makes it stay in place wtihout adhesives. Use the leftovers to line your drawers for a fresh, unified look.

Buy it: Canvas Drawer Liner (currently $10.39 ea., regularly $12.99), containerstore.com

White Gravity-Feed Can Rack

Credit: Courtesy The Container Store

Courtesy The Container Store

A brilliant alternative to the Lazy Susan, gravity-fed can dispensers make it easier to see what you've got in stock as well as take advantage of vertical space. Have deep pantry shelves? Use a tiered shelf organizer to put a second row higher than the first! You're an organizing guru!

Buy it: White Gravity-Feed Can Rack (currently $12.79, usually $15.99), containrestore.com

Joseph Joseph CupboardStore Under Shelf Drawer

Credit: Courtesy The Container Store

Courtesy The Container Store

This creative little drawer system attaches to any shelf tool-free with 3M self-adhesive and gives you an instantly accesible drawer for the little things you need constantly, whether that's high-use spices, coffee pods, or condiment packs, in a space that was previously going to waste. This version is designed for shelves more than 9-1/4" wide and up to 2" thick.

Buy it: Joseph Joseph CupboardStore Under Shelf Drawer (currently $11.99, usually $14.99), containerstore.com

The Home Edit Kitchen Storage Solution

Credit: Courtesy The Container Store

Courtesy The Container Store

Feeling a little overwhelmed at how to plan your 2020 Pantry Reorganization Project? No worries: The Container Store created Starter Kits for a full-on reboot to get you started. This new collection, The Home Edit, has 15 pieces of multi-functional solutions for any pantry, including Lazy Susans, canisters, and expandable shelves.

Buy it: The Home Edit Kitchen Storage Solution, ($359.81), containerstore.com