Here’s why.

Plastic wrap is clingy. I mean, that’s kind of the goal, right? It’s meant to adhere tightly to containers to keep food fresh, so of course it’s a struggle to keep it from clinging to itself.

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If you keep your Glad in a drawer with aluminum foil and parchment paper, you’re not alone—the boxes’ sizes and shapes make it a natural location.

However, storing your plastic wrap in the freezer could make a world of difference in your kitchen.

The cold air cuts back on the static and lets you actually tear off the piece you want and wrap up your food without the whole thing sticking to itself, according to The Kitchn.

If you don’t have space in your freezer to store it there all the time, pop the roll in a few minutes before you know you’ll need it. However, the colder the plastic, the better this trick works.

If you’re still struggling to tame that unruly wrap, try one of these other tips:

  • Lifehacker suggests poking holes in each side of the box. This allows you to hold the roll in place as you pull.
  • Wet your fingers and lightly brush the water onto the surface you’ll be using, according to Chowhound. The added moisture will make the plastic cling much better.