It sounds weird, but hear us out.
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Grocery shopping is so embedded in our lives that we overlook its value as anything other than a necessary task. Yes, it’s an errand, but it’s also an opportunity for creativity and a less expensive, more intimate way to connect with someone. People already grocery shop all the time, so why not turn it into a date and make a home-cooked meal together? If you want to get to know your significant other better, here's why you should consider a date at the supermarket.

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You’ll both learn something new.

The supermarket (or farmers’ market, or wherever you shop) is a great venue for a date because it gives ample room to learn about whoever’s with you. Take notice of which departments you hit first or spend the most time in, or center a conversation around something on the shelves. Does your date have any memories about a favorite childhood snack or food tradition? Now’s the perfect time to find out.

It’s more accessible for special diets.

If you’ve ever gone on a strict diet, you know that scanning a menu can be stressful. Eating out is also a huge gamble for people who suffer from food allergies. There’s always room for an error, and that ignorance could be life-threatening. (Nobody wants to end their date night in the emergency room.) Grocery shopping and preparing your own food, however, allows complete control and will keep you and your date comfortable.

Collaborating will bring you closer.

Teamwork thrives in the kitchen, even if one person is just handling cleanup. Tackling a meal as a team streamlines the process and will make both you and your date feel valuable. Plus, it’s less awkward than arguing about a bill at a restaurant.

It’ll cost less and matter more.

It’s pretty obvious that making your own food will take less money. There’s no upcharging, no gratuity, and no fee for splitting a dish. By starting a date at the supermarket, you’ll also save on one of the highest costs of going out: drinks. Thanks to the rise of in-store wine bars and programs like Whole Foods’ Canned Craft Beer Night you can even drink on the premises.