All the essentials to keep in deep freeze.
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Your freezer is pretty much a time machine for food, and a properly stocked one will never let you down. When you look inside, instead of desolation and indecision, you’ll see possibility and convenience.

For a freezer that truly performs, here’s what you need to keep inside:


This is an obvious one, but still important as ice is used for way more than cooling down a drink. Plenty of cooking techniques, such as boiling eggs, blanching vegetables, and whipping cream use ice or ice water.

Frozen Vegetables

There’s one main reason you should keep a bag of vegetables in your freezer at all times. First, frozen veggies present a lot of possibilities. They’re are like the building blocks of meals. Use beans as a base for soup or smoothies, or add peas or a medley bag to a pasta. Or you can just heat them up and season them a little for a side dish.

Don’t forget about vegetables that don’t come in a bag, like leftover onion slices, that can go toward a future meal.


Unless you’re growing them yourself, herbs are easy to waste. You’ll set them back in the fridge one day, lose track of them, and the next thing you know they’ve gone bad. But if you freeze them you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble and money. It doesn’t have to be fancy. You can place leftover herbs in a resealable bag or the plastic container they came in, or you can stash them in an ice cube tray. They’ll still hold flavor, promise.


This one’s a no-brainer, especially if you’ve cooked more food than you can eat. Save that home-cooked food for yourself, or someone else (Bonus points for freezing soup that you can take to a sick friend).


Whether it’s freshly made our packed into a baggie, bread gets moldy before you know it. Keep it in the freezer and you can easily toast a slice straight from cold storage, or break it out to make bread crumbs when you need them.

Cookie Dough

Freezing cookie dough stabilizes the butter, meaning the cookies will hold their shape in the oven. It also means you’ll always have a dessert you can throw together at the last minute. Some clever people even put cookie dough in ice cube trays for perfect tiny morsels to be baked up later.

Pre-made Frozen Dinners

Look, there will be a time when you’re too tired to cook. A microwaveable meal is a godsend when you’re so exhausted you can barely think.

Smoothie Basics

Smoothies are already made out of frozen produce, so you’re just taking an important step ahead of time. I mentioned vegetables earlier, so let’s move straight to fruit. Got a banana or mango that’s a little overripe but don’t feel like eating it yet? Cut it up and save it for a busy morning that only leaves time for a blender-friendly breakfast. Add some frozen berries for a convenient antioxidant boost.