Satisfying and convenient, these frozen meals are all under $5.
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Stouffer’s Urban Bistro Cheddar and Goat Cheese Mac and Cheese
Credit: Stouffer's

Meal prepping is nice in theory, but it’s not always realistic. Sometimes you’re too busy—or lazy—to make tasty and nutritious meals for every day of the week. Plus, what you prepped on Sunday isn’t always appetizing on Friday. For those days (along with the ones you straight-up forget your lunch on the kitchen counter), it’s nice to have a stockpile of frozen meals waiting in your office freezer.

Check out some of our favorites:

Amy’s Pesto Penne with Broccoli and Tomatoes

This pesto sauce, made with organic basil, is is the REAL DEAL. A lot of frozen meals skimp on the flavor, but this pasta does not. Plus, the broccoli and fire-roasted peppers add much-needed texture. This is a great meal on its own, but you can always add your own boost of protein if you want.

Trader Joe’s Chicken Burrito Bowl

Seasoned chicken breast, brown rice, red quinoa, black beans, corn, bell peppers and Cheddar cheese make this burrito bowl a delicious and nutritious lunch.

Tandoor Chef’s Chicken Curry

Granted, this does give off a strong (but heavenly) aroma and might not be the best option for a crowded office. I highly recommend trying all of Tandoor Chef’s entrees, but this classic is the best IMHO.

Stouffer’s Urban Bistro Cheddar and Goat Cheese Mac and Cheese

This little bowl of heaven has several fans right here in the MyRecipes office. The sharp cheddar and creamy goat cheese will make you feel like you’re eating lunch at a trendy bistro—instead of in your cubicle.

Zatarain’s Red Beans and Rice with Sausage

This isn’t the healthiest product on the list, but it’s wonderfully seasoned (duh, it’s Zatarain’s) and the perfect hearty lunch for busy workdays.

Evol’s Sriracha Chicken

Evol relies on simple ingredients to make delicious and convenient meals, and this Sriracha Chicken is no exception.