Because leftovers happen.
Credit: Kristal O'Neal/Getty Images

One of our staff members was recently presented with a (pretty amazing) problem: She just has too much pizza.

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She went on a pizza frenzy (relatable) and bought more pies than her family could eat.

She doesn’t want to throw them away, but she’s also not excited about the prospect of eating exclusively pizza for the next week.

Of course, like any food, pizza can be frozen. But for how long? Will it affect the quality?

We decided to investigate. Thankfully, Still Tasty, a website that calls itself “Your Ultimate Shelf Life Guide,” exists and it was an open-and-shut case.

Properly stored in an airtight container, or wrapped tightly in plastic wrap followed by an additional protective layer of aluminum foil, frozen pizza will maintain its quality for 1-2 months. You don’t have to throw it out at the 2-month mark, but it probably won’t be as tasty.

After thawing your pie in the refrigerator, you can then store it in the refrigerator for a few days before you reheat and consume it. However, if you opt to thaw your frozen pizza in the microwave or oven, you should consume the leftovers immediately.

That said, don’t be a hero. We all want to avoid food waste, but if your pizza has a weird smell or color after a few months, throw that baby out.