Don't throw away that precious pickle liquid!

So you've come to the end of a jar of pickles. You're left with just the liquid, bereft of the delicious vegetables it once contained. Do not be afraid. Do not despair. That pickle juice or pickling liquid is not just watery trash. If you play it right, it can add some pickle flavor to all kinds of delicious things. There's a reason that you can buy just a straight-up gallon of pickle-free pickle juice on Amazon. Pickle juice is a precious commodity, and you should use it. How?

Marinate Chicken In It

You know how Chick-fil-A chicken is always impossibly tender and delicious? Part of that is because it's marinated in pickle juice. Use the same trick to make copycat Chick-fil-A chicken sandwiches (or nuggets or tenders, whatever floats your boat) at home.

Put It In a Cocktail

A pickleback—a shot of whiskey followed by a shot of pickle juice—is one of those things you don't think will work until it does. But what about a pickle martini? Use the juice like you would the brine from a jar of olives to make a pickle-y dirty martini, why not. It's also an excellent addition to your next Bloody Mary.

Add It to Pimento Cheese

The next time you're making a batch of beer cheese or pimento cheese try pouring a little bit of pickle juice in there for flavor and a little body. It's delicious.

Use It Instead of Vinegar

Need vinegar but don't have any around? Try using pickle juice. You could even use it as part of a vinaigrette to add some sour notes to a salad, or cut through the fat of something particularly rich.

Add it to Mayonnaise for a Sandwich Spread

Do you like pickles on your sandwich already? Good news: You can combine mayonnaise and pickle juice for a pickle-y spread for all that flavor in one.