Happy birthday, Madeline!! My friends, Carolyn and Brian, celebrated their daughter's third birthday in style with a purple-themed party. Madeline requested a "purple party," so Carolyn went all out to carry the theme through. With a second baby on the way, keeping the budget reigned in was a top priority, but it definitely didn't slow down any of the celebration!


Come on in! Madeline welcomes guests to her party.

Decorating cookies with icing and sprinkles was the first activity of the day. "I had planned to bake my own sugar cookie cutouts, but time got short, so I had a local bakery make them for me. They prepared some of Madeline's favorite shapes and best of all, the cookies were very inexpensive. Having someone else take care of this step saved a ton of time," Carolyn told me. "A friend suggested I buy a large container of Wilton Ready-to-Use Decorator Icing from Michael's and tint it. This saved quite a bit of money because I didn't have to purchase multiple tubes of the (more expensive) precolored icing."


Carolyn covered the table with purple vinyl tablecloths.
Everything was scooped up and thrown away when they were finished.


Gradie demonstrates how to decorate the cookies with paintbrushes.

Eating was next on the agenda. Carolyn served PB&J's on purple bread (a friend made homemade bread and tinted it purple), purple grapes, purple goldfish (individually picked out of the large box of assorted-color goldfish), blue/purple tortilla chips, purple cake, and purple ice cream.


Food was served on purple plates with purple napkins and purple plastic utensils.


The centerpiece was created from an inexpensive grocery store bouquet and purple Easter grass.


Evers samples the purple ice cream (Pomegranate-Blueberry Frozen Yogurt)!

Carolyn asked the bakery to tint Madeline's birthday cake purple so kitty's insides were, you guessed it, purple! Note the purple cup with a lid and straw...that was Carolyn's strategic way of serving a "purple drink." The kids drank lemonade and water and the carpets remained stain-free.


Madeline loves her purple kitty cake!

The kids finished the day with a take-home bag of purple candy. Carolyn found purple gum balls and chocolate candies at a local party store, ordered purple gummy bears online, and then rounded out the tray with assorted chocolate candies in purple wrappers.


Check out the assorted candy for goodie bags.


Life is good! Purple Dora PJ's, leftover purple cake, and new toys!