By Jessica Colyer
April 11, 2016

The most assured way to bring a herd of hungry folks to your door is to have the words "FREE FOOD" placed very clearly in plain sight. Well, this week is no different. This week is tax week, which means numbers are crunching and everyone is pressing to get theirs done by Monday the 18th. Well, until then, you can take part in some of the fabulous free offerings going on this week at some of your favorite food establishments.


APRIL 11th: National Cheese Fondue Day

Facebook / The Melting Pot


If the idea of covering different foods in a pot of melted cheese doesn't inspire you, we don't know what will. The Melting Pot regards National Cheese Fondue Day pretty highly, as you can imagine. The restaurant chain's claim to fame is their melty cheese fondue, so to celebrate the holiday, The Melting Pot is giving the first 25,000 people who sign up today for their Club Fondue a voucher for free cheese fondue for two, redeemable between April 18th and June 30th.  Sign up here!


APRIL 12th: Free Cone Day

Ben & Jerry's


Every year, Ben & Jerry's celebrates an unofficially official holiday called Free Cone Day, and they've been doing it since 1979.  They celebrate this holiday as a way to give back to their loyal customers by giving away, you guessed it, free ice cream cones! If you find yourself walking past your local Ben & Jerry's tomorrow, be sure to pick up a cone for yourself and be forced to make the difficult decision of choosing a flavor (because there are so many good ones!)


April 12th - Medium Iced Coffee and Medium Iced Tea Day

Facebook / Au Bon Pain


If you have an Au Bon Pain in your area, be sure to stop by between the hours of 2pm-5pm on Tuesday, April 12th for a free afternoon pick-me-up. Participating cafes are offering free medium sized coffees or teas to customers, no purchase necessary. And hey, if you also have a Ben & Jerry's in your area as well, just plan for this to be another stop on your "Free Food" route this Tuesday.


April 18th - Tax Day

Facebook / Hard Rock Cafe


If you're willing to work for it, Hard Rock Cafe locations will offer a free Legendary Burger to anyone who grabs a mic and heads on stage in their Tax Day promo called: Sing for Your Supper.


Facebook / Great American Cookie


This lovable cookie chain is offering one free chocolate chip cookie to everyone who comes by their stores on tax day, April 18th. This is the fourth year Great American Cookie has done this, and we hope they never stop!   Wherever you find yourself this week, be sure to stop by any one of these great places for your tax week freebies.

And speaking of cookies, if you've been wanting to make this but haven't yet, this is a great week to preheat the oven, pull out your skillet, and whip up a giant skillet cookie for you and all of your friends and family. Happy Tax Week, everyone!