When fruit is abundant in the summertime, I love making jam. This morning I made eight pints of apricot jam and another eight of raspberry-plum. I had a fair bit of help: my husband pitted all the apricots, and my 12 year old son pitted the cherries. Altogether it took about two hours. Since we go through a couple pints of jam a week, it will probably last my family a couple months.

Regular jam is wonderful, but awhile back a friend told me about something called Pomona's Pectin. Pomona's Pectin is a special pectin that works with calcuim and lets you make jam with much less sugar. The resulting jam is healthier and much more fruit-tasting.

If canning seems too intimidating to you, look for one of the many freezer jam recipes out there. The jam will take a fair bit of freezer space, but if you've got room in your freezer, it's so easy! Or if you'd like to know more about canning, check out this video I made awhile back describing just how to make grape jelly. You might be surprised to see just how easy and fun it can be.