We know what we’re doing this weekend.

By Corey Williams
Updated October 05, 2018
Credit: kazoka30/Getty Images

Completely reorganizing your kitchen can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. Did you know you could simplify the process by heading to your local dollar store? That’s right, everything you need to organize your kitchen can be purchased for a buck apiece.

Check out some of our favorite dollar store kitchen organization hacks:

1. Organize your pots and pans with this DIY organizer:

2. Easily access whatever you need with this Lazy Susan:

3. Store your cans in a magazine file:

4. Or use a magazine file to keep your paper goods together:

5. Clean up your cutlery drawer with $1 dividers

6. Use similar dividers to create a magnetic spice rack:

7. Build a cake stand with Dollar Store pans and candlesticks:

8. Beautify your drawers with gift wrap:

9. Keep your measuring spoons handy with plastic hooks:

10. Keep leftovers fresh with shower caps: