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If you've got a cook on your Christmas shopping list, here are some fun gift ideas. All of these are things that I personally own, or that are on my own wish list this year.


($23) A cast iron skillet is so versatile that I don't know how a cook would live without one. This one will be good as new long after you've gone through half a dozen non-stick skillets. And seasoning is easy-- simply avoid soap when washing, and dab a bit of shortening on it every 3rd or 4th wash.


($15) I've had this awesome garlic press for at least a decade and have every expectation it will last for many more years. Kids under 12 or very small-handed women may have trouble exerting enough pressure to make this press do its thing, but for most adults it works beautifully.


($25) This scale is a great help for portion control and for more precision in measuring flour when baking. You can zero it out with a bowl on it, thus making it easy to measure ingredients as you add them to the bowl.


($14) This style of peeler works beautifully for training young children to help with veggie peeling. My 6 and 8 year old daughters routinely help me peel carrots and potatoes. They enjoy it, and with a great gadget like this, they can also do it quite safely.


($14) This rolling pin is on my wish list. My current one has ball bearings that are going out, and this one looks like the ultimate in simplicity and elegant function.


($7) I love simple kitchen gadgets that have stood the test of time. Whether you're scooping wontons and broccoli out of boiling water, or retrieving donuts from a pan of oil, this elegant skimmer will do the job.


($5) This little timer made it onto my list purely on the basis of its adorableness. Wouldn't it make a great affordable gift for a cook or a school teacher? I can picture a small child taking great pleasure in giving this cute little polar bear to a grandma or a Sunday school teacher....

What about you? Have you found any great little goodies that would make an interesting gift for a foodie on your list?