It works on store-bought loaves, too!
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As a longtime bread baker and buyer, I have struggled with all the imaginable storage solutions, often with disappointing results. I have gone the breadbox route and the paper bag path. I have purchased specialized containers and bags of all sorts and have experimented with all kinds of combinations of protective exterior wraps, from beeswax cloth to plastic wrap to foil to parchment. And I have learned one important thing.

Storing bread is hard.

Breadboxes can help, but still prevent a lot of air flow, which doesn't help crust texture. The freezer is your friend for whole loaves, provided you figure out how to store them to avoid freezer burn. Don't even get me started on baguettes which seem to stale on the drive home from the bakery, or sliced loaves which sometimes seem to go from brand new to green and furry almost before you can make your first sandwich.

Meet my new bread storage solution: Think4Earth Bread Bags!

I am crazy for the bread bags from Think4Earth. These bags come in cotton for room-temperature storage of loaves, and in a heavy-duty lined fabric freezer bag, and both have hefty clips to secure the closures. Freezer bags come in two sizes, one for baguettes and one to accommodate normal loaves, boules, or bâtards. These bags work better at storing bread safely than anything else I have found, making my bread last longer without staling at room temp, and helping to prevent freezer burn.

Bread bag
Credit: Courtesy Think4Earth

More reasons to love these bread bags

While these bags are great for your bread, they are also great for the planet! For starters, these washable, reusable bags will replace the use of disposable solutions, which makes them eco-conscious and sustainable. The freezer bags are made from recycled plastic bottles (doesn't that feel good!) and the cotton bags are all-natural. The bags are easy to use, and you can buy them singly, or in handy two-packs (two of one style or one of each). 

Whether you are a baker yourself, or buy all your bread, these bags will be a gamechanger for your bread storage. The large bags can even hold two smaller loaves at once.

Where to buy Think4Earth Bread Bags

It couldn't be easier – I found mine on Amazon, and you can too. Here are the links to get what you need. 

Think4Earth Cotton Linen Bread Bag

Credit: Courtesy Amazon

Buy it: Think4Earth Cotton Linen Bread Bag ($23.95), 

Buy it: Think4Earth Cotton Linen Bread Bag, set of 2 ($39.95), 

Think4Earth Freezer Bread Bag

Credit: Courtesy Amazon

Buy it: Think4Earth Freezer Bread Bag ($23.95), 

Buy it: Think4Earth Freezer Bread Bag, set of 2 ($39.95), 

Think4Earth Freezer Baguette Bag 

Credit: Courtesy Amazon

Buy it: Think4Earth Freezer Baguette Bag ($23.95),

Buy it: Think4Earth Freezer Bread/Baguette Bag, set of 2 ($39.95),