Falling in love with this budget-friendly supermarket? Here’s when to roll.

If you’re already an ALDI shopper, you’re a convert, right? Great brands, great prices, great experience. If you are a newer ALDI customer, you may still be getting used to some things: bringing a quarter for the shopping carts, being sure to have your own bags with you, and getting familiar with some unique and new-to-you brands.

But what you will notice, I’m sure, is that ALDI is popular, much like other faves like Target and Costco, for smart shoppers. So how to get the best access and deals at ALDI? When exactly is the right time to shop? Read on for the inside scoop.

The Best Day to Shop at ALDI

If there is one day of the week to try and get your ALDI on, it is Wednesday, across the board. Regardless of your location, new prices roll out on Wednesdays company-wide, and they announce the new produce picks of the week, so you can get an even bigger bargain on produce and some other products. And you won’t have to worry about it being sad or picked over, because the pricing is so great, the items are moving fast, and therefore always getting replenished, so there is often the freshest and best quality produce in the aisle!

Credit: Peter Byrne - PA Images/Getty Images

Peter Byrne - PA Images/Getty Images

The Best Time to Shop at ALDI

Speaking of produce, if you want the best times to shop, either go right when your store opens, or right after 3pm. When the store is first open, all of the shelves have been restocked with the freshest items, and then they are stocked again before the shift change at 3pm. While this has been true of the stores near me, check with the shift manager at your location to find out if their shifts follow this timing as well, and if they have the end-of-shift folks doing the restock before they leave, or have the new-on-shift folks restocking as soon as they start to give you a better sense of what time to shop.

As with almost any grocery store, peak hours are what you want to avoid: during lunch hour, right after work on weekdays, or during the weekend days. Leave the aisles for your fellow citizens who may need them most, and enjoy the creative fun of shopping ALDI (and the great deals) during those low-demand days and times!