The 11 Best Things to Grab at ALDI for Summer Weekends

From boozy root beer to the world’s most addictive chips, your favorite budget supermarket has you covered. 
By Stacey Ballis
June 13, 2021
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Summer weekends should be all about relaxing and indulging in delicious foods with friends and families. So, stocking your pantry, fridge, and freezer right now with some easy to serve items is a gift to your future self. And no place is better than ALDI for budget-friendly foods. Grab these 11 easy-to-store drinks, snacks, and more at your local ALDI or right here online via Instacart for your best summer yet.

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Root Beer
Credit: Courtesy Instacart

Big Brother Hard Root Beer

While the rest of the world is going insane over hard seltzers, we are getting our boozy root beer game on. These hard root beers are made for summer sipping, just boozy enough to be fun but not knock you out. And if you want to end a summer weekend meal with a seriously grown-up dessert, use them to make root beer floats.

Buy it: Big Brother Hard Root Beer ($7.99), 

Credit: Courtesy ALDI

Park Street Deli Hummus Quartet

Chips and dips are key to summer weekend snacking, and this year we are grabbing this ingenious ready-to-serve palate of hummus in four fantastic flavors. With classic, cilantro jalapeno, roasted garlic, and roasted red pepper versions in one handy container, there is something for everyone. Put them out with a bag of baby carrots and some pita chips and the party is started.

Buy it: Park Street Deli Hummus Quartet ($4.39),

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Park Street Deli BBQ Pulled Pork and Hawaiian Style Chicken

On those days when it is too hot, or you are too tired to fire up the grill, having some pre-cooked meats in your fridge or freezer makes dinner just a package of buns away. We are loving these two options, both from Park Street Deli. BBQ pulled pork is tangy and not-too-sweet, and the Hawaiian style chicken thighs are juicy and a fun surprising alternative to the usual suspects.

Buy it: Park Street Deli BBQ Pulled Pork ($5.29), 

Buy it: Park Street Deli Hawaiian Style Chicken ($6.59),

Credit: Courtesy ALDI

Specially Selected Croissant and Brioche Buns

If you have pulled pork and Hawaiian chicken, or if you are grilling burgers, you need great buns. ALDI is carrying two this season that are totally worth checking out. Brioche Buns are wonderfully soft and pillowy but can still stand up to the juiciest filling. But we are seriously excited about the new Croissant Buns, with all their buttery layers.

Buy it: Specially Selected Croissant Buns ($3.85), 

Buy it: Specially Selected Brioche Buns ($4.05),

Credit: Courtesy ALDI

Clancy's Cuban Sandwich Kettle Chips

Next to your summer sandwiches, or for easy weekend snacking, you are always going to need chips. This summer, fun flavors rule, and we cannot get enough of these new kettle chips that taste like Cuban sandwiches!

Buy it: Clancy's Cuban Sandwich Kettle Chips ($2.09),

Pasta Salad Mix
Credit: Courtesy ALDI

Reggano Pasta Salad Mix

Pasta salad is a classic summer weekend side dish or light lunch, so we are keeping a few of these easy to make kits in the pantry so that we can whip up a great one any time we need. All the vegetables, pasta, and seasoning are here to help in one handy box.

Buy it: Reggano Classic Pasta, Vegetable Blend & Seasoning Mix Pasta Salad ($1.09), 

Credit: Courtesy Instacart

Baker's Corner Giant Marshmallows

Summer weekends are made for s'mores, and if you are going to be toasting marshmallows this year, go big or go home. These giant marshmallows will make kids and adults alike giddy; they are the perfect size for a s'more and give you a much better ratio of gooey middle to crispy outside than the regular sized version.

Buy it: Baker's Corner Giant Marshmallows ($2.19),

Ice Cream Cones
Credit: Courtesy Instacart

Sundae Shoppe Mini Ice Cream Cones

Easy cooling desserts are the name of the game in summer, but you don't always want to battle the lines at the local scoop shop. These mini ice cream cones are perfect after-dinner treats, and the box comes with two flavors, chocolate and caramel, to please everyone.

Buy it: Sundae Shoppe Mini Ice Cream Cones ($3.85), 

Funnel Cake
Credit: Courtesy Instacart

Baker's Corner Funnel Cake Kit

Summer weekends always make me think of carnivals, theme parks and fairs, but let's be honest, you don't always want to go to big, crowded places on a hot day. So, bring them home with this amazing funnel cake kit. Just add water to the mix that is already in the pouring pitcher, heat your oil, and start making homemade funnel cakes!

Buy it: Baker's Corner Funnel Cake Kit ($2.99),