These Are the Best New Chips to Buy at Your Favorite Supermarket (No Matter Which One That Is)

Stock up on these tasty flavors from Costco, ALDI, Trader Joe’s, and Whole Foods Market
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Potato chips are one of those things you should always have on hand. The perfect pairing for any sandwich, an easy snack, and an ideal cocktail nibble, you can never go wrong with a bag of crispy crunchy salty goodness. And sure, you can stick with the standbys -- plain or ridged, sour cream and onion or barbecue. But why go basic when you can go next level? The variety of new chips has never been greater. Here are the chips at all your favorite supermarkets, from Whole Foods and Trader Joe's to ALDI and Costco.  

Cuban Chips
Credit: Courtesy Whole Foods Market

Best chips for sandwich lovers

Serving a sandwich flavored chip next to your favorite sandwich is flavor meta in all the best ways! These chips are having a moment, and there are some great options! Check out Whole Foods Market's 365 brand, which currently has chips in Pastrami on Rye, Italian Hoagie, and Cuban Press flavors. ALDI has a Cuban Sandwich version as well.

Buy it: Clancy's Cuban Sandwich Kettle Chips ($1.45),

Pickle Chips
Credit: Courtesy Trader Joe's

Best chips for pickle lovers

Sure, anyone can put a pickle on the side of their sandwich next to their chips. But what if the pickle was the chip? Duuuuude. Check out the Trader Joe's Chips in a Pickle Dill Pickle Flavored Potato Chips for a mashup made in heaven, or scoot over to Costco and grab a bag of Fresh Gourmet Crispy Dillies, which are actually fried cucumber pickles. You get all the flavor with a low carb twist.

Buy it: Fresh Gourmet Crispy Dillies Pickle Flavored Fried Cucumbers ($16.48 for 22 ounces),

Texas chips
Credit: Courtesy Whole Foods Market

Best chips for BBQ lovers

Barbecue flavored chips are classic for a reason, but that doesn't mean you can't up the ante on that smoky flavor. ALDI has your back with Clancy's Kentucky Smoked Bourbon Chips, which really offer great smoky punch, and for something extra special, the Clancy's Ribeye Steak Chips which bring all the flavor of a grilled steak to your snacking. Whole Foods Market has a Texas-style barbecue option in their 365 brand that is also worth checking out.

Buy it: Clancy's Kentucky Smoked Bourbon Krinkle Cut Kettle Chips (price varies),

Everything But the Bagel Chips
Credit: Courtesy Trader Joe's

Best chips for spice lovers

Bringing the heat is often a good thing in a chip. Costco is carrying Red Rock Deli's Fire Roasted Jalapeno chips, which are that perfect blend of spice and smoke. ALDI has Clancy's Jalapeno Kettle chips, and a new Clancy's Nashville Hot Chicken chip that will hurt you in all the good ways. Whole Foods Market is carrying Terra Chips Screamin' Hot Vegetable Chips and Siete Chipotle BBQ chips. Want spice without the burn? Trader Joe's has given potato chips the Everything But the Bagel treatment and they are your cocktail hour's new best friends.

Buy it: Red Rock Deli Fire Roasted Jalapeno Potato Chips (price varies),

Buy it: Clancy's Jalapeno Kettle Chips (price varies),

Pueblo Corn Chips
Credit: Courtesy Instacart

Best chips for salsa lovers

Tortilla chips are great for snacking, but traditional triangles have a habit of snapping along unusual fault lines when you bite them, risking a salsa meets shirt snaccident that no one needs at a party. And stuffing a whole giant loaded tortilla chip in your face is less than elegant. Costco can fix this for you, just look for their Kirkland brand Tortilla Strips for all the flavor in an easy-to eat snackable shape. ALDI has also hit this market with its Pueblo Lindo Tortilla Strips.

Buy it: Kirkland Signature Tortilla Strips (price varies),

Buy it: Pueblo Lindo Tortilla Strips ($3.09),

ALDI Lattice Chips
Credit: Courtesy ALDI

Best chips for fancy nights

Sometimes you want great flavor that is still a bit luxurious. Try ALDI's Specially Selected Roasted Garlic and Sea Salt or Aged Cheddar and Black Pepper Lattice Cut Kettle Chips. Whole Foods 365 has a Himalayan Pink Salt and Apple Cider Vinegar Kettle Cooked Chip, and Kettle Brand Parmesan Garlic. And Trader Joe's Dark Russet chips bring sophisticated caramelized flavor to a traditional chip and their White Truffle Potato Chips are everything.

Buy it: Specially Selected Roasted Garlic and Sea Salt Lattice Cut Kettle Chips ($2.55),

Buy it: Specially Selected Aged Cheddar and Black Pepper Lattice Cut Kettle Chips ($2.55),

Buy it: Trader Joe's Dark Russet Kettle-Cooked Potato Chips ($14.49),

Buy it: Trader Joe's Organic White Truffle Potato Chips Pack of 2 ($15.99),