Get ready to rock not only your holiday bird, but veggies, leftovers, and much more.

By Lia Picard
November 05, 2020
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Are you using pre-made spice blends in your cooking? If not, we need to have a talk. Although once rebuffed for being low quality and less “chef-y” than freshly ground spices, these blends have come a long way—and now even chefs use them in their cooking.

One such chef is Atlanta-based Nick Melvin, founder of Doux South Pickles. “Right now, there's a ton of amazing options out there that you can use as a home chef that bring out a lot of flavors that you used to look forward to having in restaurants,” he says. Melvin is a fan of Beautiful Briny Sea, which sells infused sea salts like the Magic Unicorn blend with smoked paprika, rosemary, and garlic. “Those simple things work on everything whether you’re doing pork chops, scrambled eggs, or roasted chicken,” he says. “It just works.”

Spice mixes
Credit: Courtesy Beautiful Briny Sea

Why use a pre-made spice blend?

We all have long, stressful days, which can make cooking dinner a challenge. “If you have a family, it’s like what kind of tricks can I bring to the table, outside of just basic meal planning to just make life easier?” says Melvin. For him, reaching for a pre-made blend of seasonings and spices that uses interesting ingredients not only makes cooking easier, but also more enjoyable. “Let [these blends] do the work, so that you can have fun with cooking,” he says.

Thanksgiving is around the corner, so there’s never been a better time to invest in some new spice blends. Here are four to get you started.

Four spice mixes to buy right now

simply organic spice blend

Simply Organic Sweet Cinnamon Chili Vegetable Seasoning Mix

This spice blend is warming and perfectly suited to your sweet potatoes and butternut squash. Melvin suggests adding it to the marshmallow topping for your sweet potato casserole.

Buy it here: Simply Organic Sweet Cinnamon Chili Vegetable Seasoning Mix ($5.28),

Frontier spice blend
Credit: Courtesy Amazon

Frontier Herb Fest Seasoning Blend

A blend of several seasonings and vegetables including rosemary, tomato, lemon peel, parsley, and thyme, this really is a party in a spice bottle. Try using it in a dip for crudités for a pre-Thanksgiving dinner appetizer.

Buy it here: Frontier Herb Fest Seasoning Blend ($4.69),

Birdbath spice blend
Credit: Courtesy Beautiful Briny Sea

Beautiful Briny Sea Bird Bath Turkey Brine

Produced in Atlanta, this artisan salt is a combination of warm spices like ginger and turmeric along with sea salt, mustard, sage, parsley, and lemon and satsuma peel. Aptly named, it works best on your turkey.

Buy it here: Beautiful Briny Sea Bird Bath Turkey Brine ($10),

Siete Taco Seasoning
Credit: Courtesy Target

Siete Taco Seasoning

Siete is a Mexican-American-owned brand based in Austin. Their products are paleo friendly but are flavorful enough that anyone would enjoy them. The spicy taco seasoning is a blend of tomato, chili powder, jalapeño, ground dates, nutritional yeast, cumin, and onion. Use it on your leftover turkey to make tacos the day after Thanksgiving.

Buy it here: Siete Spicy Taco Seasoning, ($2.99),