With a little bit of money, you’ll save a lot of space (and your sanity).
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Have you already completed the pandemic project of organizing your pantry? If so, congratulations! (If not, here's a great guide for that.)

But what about your refrigerator? Many of us might have stopped at the built-in organizing features of the fridge: designated drawers and door bins, little garages for butter, and egg nests. Perfect, right?

Maybe not! How many of us find our drawers become a dumping ground for random fruits and vegetables that get stuck in the back? How many of us have shelves that end up being a fiendish game of Jenga built out of bottles and jars of condiments, and containers of leftovers stacked three high.

iDesign Fridge Organizers
Credit: Courtesy iDesign

Which means it's time to take our pantry gusto to the fridge and get some smart organizers into the mix. With some budget-level investment, you'll find yourself able to wrangle your fridge's contents in convenient and tidy containers that slide in and out (and if contents within them get messy, you're only cleaning the one container instead of the whole bottom of the fridge). 

Ready to revolutionize your refrigerator? Check out these 6 great fridge organizers ready to buy right now. 

Egg Container
Credit: Courtesy Amazon

1. Egg container

I go through a crazy number of eggs, so this extra-large lidded container keeps them safe! It holds 21 eggs, and has a great lid, so I can stack other items on top and not lose the space.

Buy it: iDesign Egg Holder ($14.93), amazon.com 

Can Organizer
Credit: Courtesy Amazon

2. Beverage can organizer

We drink a lot of canned fizzy water around here, so keeping a lot of it cold without taking up too much fridge real estate is really helpful. This lidded organizer holds nine cans in an easy to grab horizontal mode, and up to another eight standing upright on the lid, so we can do two flavors at once.

Buy it: iDesign Beverage Can Organizer ($12.74), amazon.com 

Wide Shelf Tray
Credit: Courtesy Amazon

3. Wide shelf tray

This tray is perfect for things like meats, protecting against leaks, for containers of leftovers, or for large jars or bottles. The handle helps you slide it out to see everything at once, and the extra wide footprint makes full use of your fridge shelf while still staying organized.

Buy it: iDesign Organizer Tray ($9.29), amazon.com 

Divided Bins
Credit: Courtesy Amazon

4. Divided bins

I use these four-compartment organizers in my refrigerator drawers to help with things like snacking cheese sticks, bags of luncheon meats or shredded cheeses, loose small items like ginger root or chili peppers, or clamshells of fresh herbs.

Buy it: mDesign Organizer Bin Box ($21.99), amazon.com 

Vented Bins
Credit: Courtesy Amazon

5. Vented bins

These bins have vents for air flow, making them great for containing fruits and vegetables that shouldn't be trapped. They are great both in drawers and on shelves.

Buy it: mDesign Vented Organizer ($19.99), amazon.com 

Tall Bins
Credit: Courtesy Amazon

6. Tall bins

These bins are extra-long and tall enough to make them perfect for organizing taller bottles of condiments or larger jars, as well as items like quarts of milk or juices or two-liter beverage bottles.

Buy it: mDesign Organizing Bin Basket ($44.99 for pack of 4), amazon.com