10 Products to Make Your Backyard S'mores the Best Ever

Take this summer classic to the next level, from fancy graham crackers and marshmallows to roasting sticks and portable fire pits.
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It is s'mores season, and I for one am here for it. There may be no better combo than a crispy graham cracker sandwich filled with melted chocolate and toasted marshmallow. Whether you are having a real wood bonfire, or just toasting over a small, canned fire at the table, there are ways to up the ante on your s'mores experience, for kids and adults alike. Here are 10 great upgrades for your s'mores game to buy right now. 

Credit: Courtesy Walmart

Base upgrade: Honey Maid Flavored Graham Crackers

For a classic you can count on, reach for Honey Maid graham crackers for your base. You can keep them simple, with an original graham, or get a little fancy with chocolate or cinnamon flavors.

Buy it: Honey Maid Chocolate Graham Crackers ($3.22), Walmart.com

Buy it: Honey Maid Cinnamon Graham Crackers ($3.22), Walmart.com

Petit Ecolier
Credit: Courtesy Amazon

Base with chocolate built in: Lu Petit Ecolier Dark Chocolate Biscuit

Lu Petit Ecolier makes wonderful butter cookies topped with milk or dark chocolate squares. Just add toasted marshmallow. The best part? You'll get chocolate on both sides of the sandwich!

Buy it: Lu Petit Ecolier Dark Chocolate Biscuit ($13.75), amazon.com 

Stuffed Puffs
Credit: Courtesy Amazon

Best marshmallow upgrade: Stuffed Puffs

Want things a little less messy (and more chocolatey)? Try a marshmallow with the chocolate already stuffed inside! Stuffed Puffs come in three flavors: classic marshmallow stuffed with milk chocolate, double chocolate with chocolate marshmallow and chocolate filling, and a cookies and cream that will be a fun surprise. This variety pack gives you a chance to try all three.

Buy it: Stuffed Puffs Variety 3 Pack ($18.99), amazon.com 

Credit: Courtesy Amazon

Best flavored marshmallows: Smashmallow

Want to explore even more marshmallow options? Check out the offerings from Smashmallow. In flavors like mint chocolate chip, strawberries and cream, and cinnamon churro, you can make endless flavor combinations with your s'mores to keep things fun and fresh! Play with 5 flavors with this fun variety pack.

Buy it: Smashmallow 5 Flavor Variety Pack ($21.99), amazon.com 

Hersey's Caddy
Credit: Courtesy Amazon

Best organizer: Hershey's S'mores Caddy

Need a way to easily take your s'mores ingredients on the go? Whether you are just headed for the backyard or loading up the car for a camping trip, having a handy s'mores kit you can just grab is really useful. Hershey's has your back with their S'Mores Caddy. Note: This doesn't come with any ingredients in it… just great organization!

Buy it: Hershey's S'Mores Caddy ($30.65), amazon.com 

Marshmallow sticks
Credit: Courtesy Amazon

Best roasting sticks: Marshmallow Roasting Telescoping Sticks

Sure, sticks will do the trick, but toasting forks can be a godsend. The two-prong design eliminates a lot of the risk of marshmallow loss, the extendable handles keep you well away from the heat of the fire, they are easy to clean and are all different colors, so each guest knows whose is whose. They also come in a handy storage bag.

Buy it: Marshmallow Roasting Telescoping Sticks set of 12 ($16.99), amazon.com 

Smores grill
Credit: Courtesy Amazon

Best grill shortcut: S'more to Love Six-S'more Maker

This is genius. This s'mores rack made by Cuisinart puts the whole graham-marshmallow-chocolate stack right on your grill for easy melting… and six at a time at that!

Buy it: S'more to Love Six-S'more Maker ($19.99), amazon.com 

City Bonfires Portable
Credit: Amazon

Best portable small bonfire: City Bonfires

If you want to have a small cozy s'mores situation for two to four or want to be able to safely s'more on your patio or porch, look no further than City Bonfires. These mini tabletop bonfires offer 3-5 hours of burn time and are safe to use with no toxic fumes or off-flavors.

Buy it: City Bonfires pack of 2 ($37.98), amazon.com

Propane fire pit
Credit: Courtesy Amazon

Best portable firepit: Outland Propane Fire Bowl

Want a portable firepit that you can take anywhere? Go for an Outland Propane Fire Bowl, small enough to pack up for the beach or woods, large enough for a crowd to get their s'mores on, and no need to gather wood or worry about tamping down a fire in the wild.

Buy it: Outland Propane Fire Bowl ($133.99), amazon.com 

Breeo Fire Pit
Credit: Courtesy Breeo

Best investment fire pit: Breeo Smokeless Wood Burning Firepit

Want to make an investment in real wood fired s'mores, and so much more? Check out the Breeo Smokeless Wood Burning Firepit, one of the best units for use in a backyard. Bonus? If you love to cook more than just s'mores over wood, they have accessories like a sear plate and a cast iron pot! It is the best culinary firepit, and the smokeless design means you can be close to cook in total comfort.

Buy it: Breeo Smokeless Wood Burning Firepit X19 ($349), breeo.co