Dairy-free yogurts are taking over the dairy section. Here are the options worthy of your breakfast.

By Annie Campbell
Updated February 08, 2019
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Yogurt alternatives are now one of the hottest topics among dairy-free products, but not all options are worth your purchase. No need to try every mysterious cup on the shelf to find your perfect alt-yogurt; whether you’re ditching dairy out of need or just for kicks, we’re here to help. We collected some of the top alt-dairy brands for a side-by-side tasting (vanilla-flavored only) to steer you towards the most delicious options on the market. Here is our complete tasting guide to non-dairy yogurt alternatives.

Top Picks

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Chobani Non-Dairy Coconut-Based Vanilla Yogurt

We’ve been impressed with Chobani’s non-dairy yogurt since it launched at the beginning of 2019, but next to the competition, we’re loving it even more. Our tasters loved the rich, coconutty flavor and the striking similarity to traditional yogurt. However, the texture felt slightly too “gloopy” and the aftertaste stuck around for a minute.

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Credit: So Delicious Dairy Free

So Delicious Dairy Free

So Delicious Dairy Free Coconut Milk Vanilla Yogurt Alternative

This coconut-based product topped our list because of its smooth, thick texture and lovely balance of sweetness and tartness. One of our editors called it “a really good alternative yogurt experience.” The coconut milk product lacks the protein we expect from a morning cup of yogurt, but is surprisingly low in fat compared to other coconut-based options.

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Credit: Amazon


Silk Almond Dairy-Free Vanilla Yogurt Alternative

Silk’s almond-based yogurt reminded some of our tasters of dessert, bringing forward a strong but pleasant nuttiness. Though it’s on the watery side, this almond-milk treat has a higher amount of protein to keep you full for breakfast or a midday snack. But with 17g of sugar, it might not be the healthiest way to start your day.

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Credit: Wegmans


Silk Soy Dairy-Free Vanilla Yogurt Alternative

Although similar in sugar-content to Silk’s almond milk yogurt, the soy variety tastes even more like the real thing. Taste testers enjoyed the creamy texture and resemblance to Silk’s vanilla soy milk. One taster even commented, “If I needed to go dairy-free, I could absolutely eat this.” With only 3.5g fat, the soy-based yogurt is much lower in fat than most of its plant-based competitors.

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Please Skip

Credit: Kite Hill

Kite Hill

Kite Hill Vanilla Artisan Almond Milk Yogurt

The “artisan” dairy-free product was more popular with some tasters than others. Oddly enough, a few noted an aftertaste reminiscent of PlayDough—after all, between the ages of 3 and 6, we all find out what that tastes like. Many found the consistency to be too thin and watery, better suited for a smoothie than a stand-alone meal.

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Kite Hill Greek-Style Vanilla Artisan Almond Milk Yogurt

With a thick texture, fuller body, and 10g of protein per serving, it definitely resembles a greek-style yogurt. But the attempt to mimic the tartness of greek yogurt results in a flavor verging on sour milk. After a few bites, an unpleasant chalkiness takes over the mouth and leaves a flavor similar to beans. If anything, we recommend masking it in a smoothie.

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Credit: Good Eggs

Good Eggs

Forager Project Organic Vanilla Bean Cashewgurt

Another contender for most bizarre flavor comparison, taste testers found it to be similar in taste AND texture to shampoo. Low in calories and protein, the product was also lacking in rich texture and body. Finished off with a poor aftertaste, this is not an item our team will be seeking in stores.

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Credit: Vega


Vega Protein Vanilla Cashewmilk Yogurt Alternative

The plant-based brand packs 13g of protein into every serving of their cashew-based product. Unfortunately, the taste wasn’t as impressive as the nutrition label. The flavor was acidic and gritty, almost as if “a bad protein bar were a liquid,” one taster said. The smell was similar to wheat bread and the color discouraged one editor from trying it entirely. With a chalky, mouth-coating effect lingering, some wondered how the product made it to the market in the first place.

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Credit: Lavva


Lavva Vanilla Plant-Based Yogurt

Lavva plant-based yogurts stand out with their brightly colored packaging and use of pili nuts, plantains, and cassava root. Unfortunately, the uniqueness of this yogurt alternative was also its pitfall. Tasters used words like “horrid” and “nightmare” to describe their experiences, adding comments like “tastes nothing like any food should.” I’ll try to spare you the details, but a certain substance that “comes back up” was referenced by more than one. Proceed with caution.

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The Takeaway

After one of the more difficult taste-tastes we’ve completed, we had to assess whether or not alt-yogurts are worth the trouble at all. Sure, if you had a morning yogurt routine set in stone before discovering lactose intolerance, we understand it would suit your needs. But for the average dairy-avoiding Joe? The high amounts of sugar and fat in the better-tasting products almost outweigh the probiotic benefits.