I’m thinking of putting one in every room of my house.

By Stacey Ballis
June 15, 2021
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I am a person with no shortage of refrigeration. There is the kitchen fridge and a bonus basement fridge. There is specialized wine storage. There are a couple little beverage centers in key spots. And yet, much like a goldfish will expand to the size of its bowl, no matter how much refrigeration I have, there are still moments when I think "I could really use just a little more fridge space." Usually this is related to the kinds of items that need to be stored in the fridge or freezer but that you do not use every day. Nuts for baking. Syrups for cocktail making. Specialty jams or jellies that don't necessarily get used for toast or PB&J. Condiments and hot sauces that seem to multiply of their own accord while you sleep. I spent lockdown in what felt like a constant game of fridge Tetris.

As things started to normalize, we began to reclaim spaces in our home that had been conscripted into pandemic duty. Rooms which had become overflow pantry or household supplies storage got emptied back out in hopes of vaccinated company coming to stay, as we stopped purchasing for weeks at a time and returned to regular shopping for things as needed. And yet, even after returning to non-bulk shopping for most items, the fridge was still a problem. Especially as spring began to make produce abundant and exciting.

Enter my new best pal. A little retro-styled mini fridge that is as helpful as it is adorable, now happily ensconced in a small unused corner of my office.

Credit: Courtesy Amazon

The world's cutest little fridge

Galanz is an appliance company that should be on your radar anyway, but its retro line first caught my attention. And it was the 3.1-cubic-foot compact fridge that won my heart. The two-door design keeps the small freezer and fridge compartments separated, which helps with both space usage and prevents frost from building up in the freezer. The fridge section has three bins on the door, a crisper drawer, and two shelves. For something so small, it holds a lot. I filled the freezer with my baking supplies, reclaiming a full shelf of space in my kitchen freezer, and loaded in the fridge section with all those jars and bottles that are only needed occasionally, as well as my sourdough starters, regaining a full shelf and a half in my kitchen fridge.

I love that I still have easy fast access to these items when I want them while not having to elbow them out of the way when I get back from the farmers' market.

All the places you can put this fridge

Even if you don't think you need a bonus fridge for overflow, it is still worth checking this cutie out. Ideal for any space that could use a stylish little chill chest, your office or dorm room, or in your bedroom if you have roommates forever stealing your last yogurt. If you want a place for your kids to grab their own snacks and drinks without standing in front of your open kitchen fridge for half an hour. If you have a rec room or hang space that could use a place for beverages and snacks, or a weekend getaway or guest accommodations that could use an upgrade.

The 3.1 comes in five colors to suit any décor; mine is Bebop Blue, which makes me insanely happy. If you need just that little bit more space, check out the 4.0-cubic-foot version, which you can get in three colors. They are Energy Star rated, so will cost you very little to run. It is literally taking all my willpower not to put one in every room in my house.

For a bonus? Pair it with the matching retro microwave  or toaster oven for a real mini kitchen experience.

Where to buy

Galanz Fridge
Credit: Courtesy Amazon

Buy it: Galanz Retro 3.1 Compact Refrigerator, Mini Fridge with Dual Doors ($233), amazon.com

Credit: Courtesy Amazon

Buy it: Galanz Retro Microwave Oven ($59.86), amazon.com

Toaster Oven
Credit: Courtesy Amazon

Buy it: Galanz Retro Toaster Oven ($59.99), amazon.com