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8 Cheese and Meat Snacks I'm Currently Obsessed With

Whether you’re doing Keto, Whole30, or just love a high-protein treat, these are guaranteed to be your go-to all season.
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As someone who has to eat a low-carb diet for my health, snacking can be a little complicated, especially if I am on the go. Most easy-to-grab options are high carb, high sugar, which, while delicious, are not helpful for my dietary program. Luckily, there have never been better, more delicious protein-rich snacks on the market. Whether you're a cheese fan, a meat lover, or both, check out my 8 favorite cheese and meat snacks to buy right now. 

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Better-for-you meat sticks: Chomps Chomplings Mini Sticks

If you have a soft spot for Slim Jims, it's time to up your game with Chomps meat sticks. Available in all sorts of flavors (and two sizes), they have no sugar. I love the original beef Chomplings, a perfect little snack bite with 4 grams of protein and only 40 calories. They're small enough to fit in a clutch purse, and exactly what you need for a little tide-you-over.

To buy: Chomplings Mini Sticks pack of 24 ($27.99), amazon.com 

Wilde Chips
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Potato-free chips: Wilde Chicken and Waffles Chips

Want all the fun of a chip without all the carbs? Check out the Wilde line of protein chips. In flavors like Golden Mustard BBQ Pork, Sea Salt and Vinegar Chicken, Sweet Chipotle Pork and Chicken and Waffles, these meat-based chips have less than 1 gram of sugar and 10 grams of protein, all in a super crispy snackable chip format.

To buy: Wilde Chicken and Waffles Chips ($9.20), amazon.com 

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Upgraded jerky: Krave Jerky

Most jerky is nearly more chemicals than meat, and often has a texture like tree bark. Not Krave brand. I love the chewy but supple texture and amazing flavors like Black Cherry Barbecue Pork and Chili Lime Beef. Beyond snacking, I sometimes use them for cooking in things like fried rice or Thai style beef salads. 

To buy: Krave Chili Lime Beef Jerky ($39.99 for 8 pack), amazon.com 

Kalahari Snacks
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Biltong chips: Kalahari Biltong Crisps

Biltong is the South African version of jerky, and Kalahari is making it into crispy chips for easy snacking. In original seasoned beef, rosemary citrus, and Southwest verde. 

To buy: Kalahari Biltong Crisps Variety ($11.97 for 3 pack), amazon.com 

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Cheesy chips: Whisps Cheese Crisps

If you love potato chips in flavors like nacho cheese or cheddar, why not cut out the potato middleman and just get chips made of cheese! Whisps Cheese Chips come in cheese-focused flavors like Cheddar or Parmesan, but also in other delectables like Tomato Basil and Ranch and Barbecue.

To buy: Whisps Assortment Cheese Chips ($14.99 for 12 pack), amazon.com 

Moon Snacks
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All-cheese balls: Moon Cheese

If puffy cheese balls are more your style, Moon Cheese has your back with these little rugged orbs of pure cheesy goodness. Look for fun flavors like Black Pepper White Cheddar and Pepper Jack and Garlic Parmesan alongside Gouda and Cheddar Bacon.

To buy: Moon Cheese Variety ($22.99 for 5 pack), amazon.com 

Just The Cheese Snacks
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Non granola bar: Just the Cheese Bars

If you like a granola bar or protein bar when you are running around, try these Just the Cheese bars—crunchy planks of toasted cheese that really hit the spot. Mild and Sharp Cheddar are great, but the Grilled Cheese flavor is my personal fave.

To buy: Just the Cheese Bars Variety Pack ($24.49 for 12 pack), amazon.com 

Epic Snacks
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Protein bar: Epic Bars

If you want that bar experience, but cheese isn't your preferred protein, check out Epic brand snack bars in amazing flavors and terrific variety. Versions include Bison Bacon Cranberry, Uncured Bacon, Chicken Sriracha, Chicken Sesame BBQ, Wild Boar and Bacon, Turkey Almond Cranberry, Beef Habanero Cherry, Beef Bacon Apple, Lamb Currant Mint, Venison, or Salmon.

To buy: Epic Bars Variety Pack ($28.90 for 9 pack), amazon.com