Just in time for National Lobster Day!
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Credit: McLoon's Lobster Shack

Well, we made it to September 2020. How about that ride in, huh folks?!

But in all seriousness, this year has been rough, and there’s no sugarcoating that. The toll that the coronavirus pandemic has taken on all facets of our lives can’t be overstated at this point. In an attempt to relate it using the medium of our time, though, I submit the following:

In short, we’re probably all at our wit’s end, and we could all use something to lift us up. Something to soothe us, to take our minds off the stress and just indulge in the moment.

And I suggest that that something, dear readers, is National Lobster Day, this Friday, September 25th.

Hear me out. Travel is restricted. Our food options have been constricted. Morale at your house is likely low. So why not do something about all three of those dilemmas at once via National Lobster Day? Read on a little further and I’ll tell you exactly how you can A) support hard-working Americans, B) feel like you’ve traveled to Maine, and C) serve up THE BEST meal you’ve had in 2020.

I think the answer to curing some of your 2020 blues, plain and simple, is lobster. Not just any lobster, mind you, but Maine lobster—caught fresh by Maine lobstermen, packaged up with all ingredients necessary to make mouthwatering lobstah rolls, and delivered straight to your doorstep. After all, we’ve never been shy about extolling our love for all things National Lobster Day or Maine lobster before. Not shy at all. Why should this year be any different?

Now, what magic is this, you ask? No magic! Just utilizing the harmonic pairing of Maine lobster roll restaurants with the speedy delivery offered by the good folks at Goldbelly.

And because we care about you and want to make your year better, we undertook the monumental task of sampling 8 Maine lobster roll kit offerings from Goldbelly (and Luke’s Lobster) in order to let you know which one would best serve you and yours. Check our list below to figure out which kit you should order, and then head to the link and place your delivery so you can celebrate National Lobster Day all weekend long with savory, delicious Maine lobster rolls. 2020 just got a lot better, right? [Right.]

The Clam Shack
Credit: The Clam Shack

The Clam Shack

Order this kit if: You’d like everything you need to eat dinner ASAP!

Comes with: 4 rolls, lump Maine lobster meat, mayonnaise, stick of butter, sandwich boats, and assorted Clam Shack memorabilia

If you’re wanting to get dinner on the table almost immediately after receiving your package, this is the kit for you. Big props to the Clam Shack kit for the freshness of their ingredients. The bun tasted as if it was baked that morning, and the butter’s flavor was spectacular. Giving the bun a smear of mayo and then topping with Maine lobster (and finishing with another light drizzle of butter) allowed the meat’s fresh, clean sweetness to shine through beautifully. The lobster-loaded roll itself was deliciously rich, but didn’t leave us feeling weighed down. Plus, bonus points for the serving boats and lobster forks!

Buy a Clam Shack Maine lobster roll kit here.

Luke’s Lobster

Luke's Lobster
Credit: Luke's Lobster

Luke's Lobster

Order this kit if: You’re feeding a crowd or a large family AND you like dessert!

Comes with: pack of 4 New England-style, split-top buns, lump Maine lobster meat, secret seasoning, and blueberry pie

This kit doesn’t come with specific instructions, so you can do your own thing: melt some butter, add some of the “secret seasoning,” gently warm lobster in that mixture, and then pile it into the rolls. The lobster itself is perfect—tender, sweet, and moist. The “secret seasoning” is delicious, too; it’s a ground mixture of celery seed, garlic powder, salt, and pepper (Luke, don’t come for us for divulging that info, please). We added about half of the pack per one pound of lobster, and it was just enough to amp up the flavor without overpowering the lobster. And the buns! Soft, squishy, white-bread yumminess. Plus, did we mention you can get a Luke’s kit with blueberry pie OR whoopie pies? If you have a sweet tooth, this is the lobster roll kit for you!

Buy a Luke’s Lobster roll kit here.

Beal's Lobster Pier
Credit: Beal's Lobster Pier

Beal's Lobster Pier

Order this kit if: You’re a fan of pub chips and heavenly buns!

Comes with: 1lb. of fresh Maine lobster meat, 4 fresh brioche buns, Beal’s Buttah, Beal’s Mayo, 2 small bags of Fox Family potato chips, and lobstah bibs

This kit made me feel like I was at a cozy little pub in Maine thanks to the hand-cut, hand-cooked potato chips that come with it. We also should call out the classic split-top brioche buns they provide. Dare we call them the Cadillac of the bread world? Yes, yes we dare. While the sweet brioche crisps up beautifully after a few minutes on a hot pan, it maintains a decadent tenderness and absorbs just enough of the butter in the toasting process. These rolls couldn’t be more perfect. Just don’t open the thin, crispy, perfectly-salted chips before you’ve prepared your rolls, or you’ll find yourself short on chips when dinner is ready.

Buy a Beal’s Lobster Pier kithere.

Credit: Eventide Oyster Co.

Eventide Oyster Co.

Order this kit if: You prefer your buns steamed!

Comes with: 12 oz. of picked Maine lobster meat, 6 oz. of Brown Butter Vinaigrette, 4 steamed bao-style buns, and chives for garnish

Man, this was a wildcard, but what a delight! We were skeptical of the steamed buns at first. How could a steamed bun possibly compare to a bun toasted in butter? Boy, were we pleasantly surprised, though! And the brown butter vinaigrette is off-the-charts, too. It takes the fresh Maine lobster to a level of rich we didn’t even realize existed for savory foods. We want to drizzle it over everything.

Buy an Eventide Oyster Co. kit here.

Black Point Seafood
Credit: Goldbelly


Order this kit if: You plan on eating more than one (or even two) lobster rolls

Comes with: 2 lbs. Maine lobster meat, 12 New England-style split-top rolls, and secret spice blend

If you’re looking to keep it simple but also ensure you can go back for seconds or thirds, reach for this kit from Black Point Seafood. The Texas toast-style bread would make a delicious grilled cheese, so it stands to reason it makes for a fantastic Maine lobster roll! Unlike a lot of the other kits on this list, the instructions for Black Point’s rolls have you heating your lobster beforehand—YUM! The warming elevates the deliciousness of this lobster, while the herbaceous spice blend sets the rolls apart. You definitely get the dill in this blend, and the spices complement the lobster perfectly without overpowering or distracting from its decadence. Order this kit if you want to keep it simple and just go IN on several lobster rolls at once.

Buy a Black Point Seafood lobster kit here.

Credit: McLoon's Lobster Shack

McLoon's Lobster Shack

Order this kit if: You’re a fan of very detailed instructions + more than one way to prepare a lobster roll

Comes with: 1lb. of lump Maine lobster meat, 4 New England-style split top rolls, Casco Bay Artisan Sea Salt Butter, mayonnaise, roll sleeves, and an instruction card

The Maine lobster meat included in this kit was so incredibly succulent—it tasted as if it had been caught, steamed, and shelled a few hours earlier. And we especially appreciated the clear and concise breakdown of instructions included in this kit. They not only break down step-by-step how to prepare the perfect lobster roll, but they also provide alternative preparation styles (Connecticut-style, low-fat, and Rolls Royce) should you want to mix it up a bit. The prep on these rolls was incredibly simple and the results were applause-worthy; we had an incredibly special meal on the table in a matter of minutes.

Buy a McLoon’s Lobster Shack kit here.

Hancock Gourmet Lobster Co.
Credit: Hancock Gourmet Lobster Co.

Hancock Gourmet Lobster Co.

Order this kit if: You’re a fan of lobster salad AND chocolate

Comes with: 1 lb. of fresh made Maine lobster salad, 6 New England Split-Top rolls, and 6 handmade Whoopie Pies

If you’re a fan of simplicity when it comes to meal prep, this is the lobster kit for you! The only meal kit we tried that employs lobster salad, this kid comes together incredibly quickly as a result. We’re talking, you’re eating 15 minutes after the package arrives fast. The Texas toast-esque split-top rolls are delightful when buttered, and even though we’re remiss to say it, the real star of this show might just be the handmade Whoopie Pies. Serve with a glass of milk and prepare to loosen your belt a few notches after indulging in this simply wonderful meal.

Buy a Hancock Gourmet Lobster Co. kit here.

Get Maine Lobster
Credit: Get Maine Lobster

Get Maine Lobster

Order this kit if: You’re not a mayo fan and you want to indulge in the most decadent lobster rolls you’ll ever eat

Comes with: 1 lb. of Maine lobster meat, 4 buttery brioche rolls, white truffle tarragon butter with a dash of Maine sea salt

Unlike a lot of the other kits on this list, this kit doesn’t call for any mayo to be added into the mix. The first thing you notice when putting these rolls together is how alluring the earthy aroma of the truffle butter is. The bun itself is toasted perfection, and the Maine lobster absolutely melts in your mouth. This is an amazing lobster roll, but you’re going to want to bring extra napkins. The lobster meat drenched in truffle butter definitely necessitates a bib—and seconds!

Buy a Get Maine Lobster Black Tie Lobster Roll kit here.