We Tested the Latest Grocery Store Yogurts and These Are the Best

Check out these favorites from Costco, ALDI, Trader Joe’s, and more! 
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Has there ever been a better time to fall in love with yogurt? With new styles and flavors continuing to fill supermarket shelves (and with high-protein versions available), there are lots of reasons to stock up on those little tubs for your summer fridge. Here are the best brands and flavors to look for (or order online) at your favorite grocery stores and supermarkets. 

Noosa Yogurt
Credit: Courtesy Instacart

Best yogurt to buy at Costco: Noosa

Costco is always a great place to stock up on yogurts, especially if you go through a lot at your house. If I am there, I always keep an eye out for the Noosa brand Variety Pack. Noosa is a little less thick than some of the other premium brands, and I love them for their rich fruit flavors that always feel fresh and light and never too sweet or jammy.

Buy it: Noosa Variety Pack Finest Yoghurt 12-count ($11.09), Instacart.com

Credit: Courtesy ALDI

Best yogurt to buy at ALDI: Simply Nature

ALDI is the place I go when I need to grab large tubs of yogurt for cooking and baking or to serve to a crowd at a brunch. Their Simply Nature Whole Milk yogurt is delicious and always a bargain at under $3 for a 32-ounce tub, in Vanilla or Plain for all your volume yogurt needs.

Buy it: Simply Nature Organic Whole Milk Plain Yogurt ($2.99), Instacart.com

Oikos Yogurt
Credit: Courtesy Walmart

Best yogurt to buy at Walmart: Oikos

Walmart carries one of my new favorite everyday yogurts, the Oikos Triple Zero. Zero fat, zero added sugars, zero artificial sweeteners, and a full 15 grams of protein in each tub, when I need a healthful option that fits seamlessly into my eating program. As a type 2 diabetic, this is the choice for me. But you may just find it delicious!

Buy it: Oikos Triple Zero Variety Pack Greek Yogurt, 6 Count ($4.34), Walmart.com

Best yogurt to buy at Trader Joe's: Trader Joe's Creamy Non-Dairy Yogurts

Having yogurt on hand when you have company is always an easy way to make sure everyone has some breakfast options. And Trader Joe's is always the place I head when I have houseguests who are dairy-free or vegan. Their Creamy Almond and Creamy Cashew non-dairy yogurts are delicious and satisfying even for non-vegan eaters. We might buy them for guests, but any leftovers happily get eaten after they have gone.

Buy it: Trader Joe's Creamy Almond and Creamy Cashew Yogurts, in stores

Siggis Yogurt
Credit: Courtesy Whole Foods Market

Best yogurt to buy at Whole Foods Market: Siggi's

This Icelandic Skyr-style product was one of the first brands that made me begin to rethink my relationship with yogurt, especially some of their higher-fat versions. I love how thick the products are; even the nonfat variety has great rich flavor and texture. The 4% fat tubs make for a healthy and delicious breakfast or an afternoon snack, and the small triple-cream versions are actually amazing desserts! Don't sleep on the triple-cream chocolate if you spot it!

Buy it: Siggi's Triple Cream Chocolate (find store to see pricing), wholefoodsmarket.com

Ellenos Yogurt
Credit: Courtesy Whole Foods Market

Best yogurt to buy at Whole Foods Market: Ellenos

And finally: My current yogurt obsession is Ellenos, a super-premium artisanal yogurt out of Seattle's Pike Place Market. They are now packaging their yogurts for sale, you can buy online direct, or at your local Whole Foods Market. With fruit flavors like Marionberry and Mango, perfectly balanced and rich, you cannot go wrong. But it is their vanilla that has me coming back for more. It's like having a breakfast pudding, and is the single best yogurt I have ever tasted in my life. Don't balk at the price! This might not everyone's new everyday/twice a day yogurt, but the proof is in the eating, it is worth every penny. If it isn't in your regular budget, save it for luxurious weekend breakfasts or brunches, or as a special treat.

Buy it: Ellenos Vanilla Bean Real Greek Yogurt (see store for pricing), Instacart.com