From deviled eggs to perfect poaches, this inexpensive counter appliance is the new spring hero for your kitchen.

By Stacey Ballis
March 30, 2021
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I am not one of those cooks who insists that one-use gadgets are somehow bad or wrong. Yes, it is true that I can cook an entire meal with just one knife and one pot, but as I am blessed with enough kitchen storage space to accommodate some specialty items, I refuse to be apologetic about products that might only do one thing, as long as they do them well. It's hard to make waffles without a waffle maker. Just saying.

But there are certain uni-taskers that do cause me to raise an eyebrow. Really, banana slicer? Seriously hot dog maker/bun toaster? In what universe might this watermelon cuber be necessary? I love to see how product developers solve problems we don't actually have, and it is a bit of harmless schadenfreude to see how often those "solutions" are actually complicating pretty simple processes.

The egg cooker—savior or complicator?

But then we got a Chefman Egg Cooker. My first instinct was to reject it: People have been cooking eggs since we discovered fire, so an appliance that does nothing else seemed like something that was pretty unnecessary. On the other hand, I'm one of those weird people who only eats eggs when they are scrambled or in omelets, or, um, cake. So, I have never gotten particularly skilled at the whole poached/soft boiled/hard boiled thing, because I don't eat those.

(Confession: My husband's favorite weekend breakfast is poached eggs on toast, which he has to make for himself even on his birthday, because I will mess it up.)

But then I got thinking: Eggs—particularly in spring and summer—are such a go to. And there are times in the life of any entertainer and host when being able to effectively make hard boiled eggs at scale is useful, like Passover and Easter, or when deviled eggs or egg salad are on the agenda. Maybe I should give this little egg cooker a chance.

Chefman Egg Cooker
Credit: Courtesy Amazon

Why an egg cooker is worth it

The tryout was a huge success. For me, the ability to make a dozen eggs either perfectly soft- or hard-boiled, easily, quickly, and without worry, is a game changer for those occasions when I need them. My husband tested the poached egg cooking and was an immediate convert. No boiling water, no pan, no little poaching pods or bags: just perfect results every time. He has now started making hard boiled eggs to keep on hand for lunches or quick protein snacks and says that this is one of the best little gadgets we have ever gotten. In addition to the whole egg and poached options, there is also an omelet tray which can be used for steamed vegetables.

In sum, I'm a convert! This small countertop appliance is affordable, not too big, easy to store, and all the essential parts are dishwasher safe. It is also simple and safe enough that your kids could use it, which might be a fun way to get them into making their own breakfasts and is a great option for dorm rooms as well.

Buy it: Chefman Egg Cooker ($29.99),