The Family starring Robert DeNiro, Michelle Pfeiffer and Tommy Lee Jones opens this week on Friday, September 13. It's the story about a Mafia boss and his family who are relocated in the Witness Protection program where they, as the Blake family, try to fit in with their new neighbors in a small town in France.

The theme of the movie got us talking about "bad neighbor" stories. Not that any of us have lived next door to anyone in Witness Protection (that we know of!), but we were able come up with a number of stories of crazy neighbor behavior.

We want to hear your stories, too. Send us your best crazy neighbor story and we'll send you a custom-made French gift basket with wine, cheese, a French cheese plate, macaroons, a cutting board and linen napkins. Post you story in "Comments" on this blog post and our editors will select the one that features the most outlandish neighbor story. Please change the names to protect the innocent!

Here are some ideas for what to take to a new neighbor so that you won't end up as the subject of a "bad neighbor" story.Banana Bread RecipesCake RecipesPie RecipesCookie RecipesCasserole Recipes

Enter by posting your story below. The contest ends on Friday the 13th at midnight! See official rules for more details.