There's a reason you can't resist this scent.

You know that old cartoon trope where a character smells something good, is lifted off the ground, and floats toward their object desire nose first?

If you don’t, watch this video of Jerry (of Tom & Jerry) getting a whiff of cheese:

That’s how I feel about Cinnabon.

You know how it is: You’ll be innocently going about your business in a mall, then all of a sudden you’re two feet in the air, drifting through the food court toward the blue and white checked counter. No? Just me?

Fine, but if you’ve ever been in the vicinity of a Cinnabon, you can probably relate on some level.

It turns out there’s a reason that smell is so distinctive–Makara cinnamon.

“Cinnabon Makara cinnamon has a robust cinnamon flavor and aroma that comes through in our baked goods, while still being sweet,” says Jennifer Hollwill, Cinnabon’s Senior Director of Culinary Research and Development. “Guests often wonder if we pump the aroma out into the air–but it’s just our cinnamon!”

More than 30 years ago, when the Cinnabon recipe was still being perfected, the team tested cinnamon from pretty much every growing region in the world. They finally found what they were looking for in the tropical forests of Indonesia: Korintje cinnamon from Sumatra. That’s how Makara, Cinnabon’s signature blend, was born.

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So how is Makara different from the cinnamon you buy at the grocery store?

Hollwill explains: “We source our cinnamon from a specific growing region, and at very high elevations, and this contributes to the superior quality in the product. The Saigon cinnamon on grocery store shelves is very different.  While others may harvest or buy cinnamon from the same Korintje region in Indonesia, Cinnabon has its own specs and quality control measures for the Makara cinnamon used in our products. Specifically, our cinnamon is unique due to its high volatile oil and cellulose content. It’s what provides that unmistakable aroma and ooey-gooey thick consistency to Cinnabon’s world famous cinnamon rolls and our other irresistible baked treats.”

Well, there ya have it. Now go get some cinnamon rolls.