The beloved wholesale warehouse club isn't just for those feeding large families.

Costco, with over 500 locations across the United States and locations in ten countries around the world, makes shopping a super-sized affair. The wholesale warehouse club has been offering members savings on bulk-sized items and goods for the home since 1983.

While members-only warehouse clubs like Costco is a surefire fit for families big and small, for those who live alone or with their partner may have concerns that they will never be able to work their way through the oversized tubs of mayonnaise and snacks only sold by the pallet that Costco offers at such great rates. Fear not! Costco can absolutely be a grocery shopping win when shopping for one or two people. If you’re on the fence about committing to a membership, here’s some insight on the best ways to shop small at Costco.

Focus on the freezer: Stocking up in smoothie essentials or planning for midweek lunches? Step into the frozen food game at Costco, where you can find extensive options. From choice cuts of meat to frozen fruits and vegetables, While there are bigger sizes, plenty of items are portioned in smaller containers for ease of use.

A win for meal prepping: Take a look at your pantry staples. What are the things that you consistently use each week, the items you know you’ll need month after month? Shopping at Costco a few times a year may be more cost effective than buying one unit at a time. Look out for product bundles and two and three-packs of single units if you are looking to stock up on necessities.

Kick it with Kirkland: While Costco offers standard and specialty name brand items, the store’s private-label, Kirlkland, is a fan favorite among long-time shoppers and is worth when scoping out savings. Similar to private label brands in other grocery stores, these items are made by national brands that you may already purchase, but at a much lower price. For example, Kirkland’s House Blend Whole Bean Coffee, which is roasted by Starbucks, comes in at $9.99 for a two-pound bag. Caffeinated savings!

Are you looking for the speediest dinner around? Check out a Costco favorite: their whole rotisserie chickens come in at $4.99 each. Each bird comes in at around three pounds, which compared to competitors, is a major bang for your Costco buck. Pick up a bottle of Kirkland’s wine to accompany it, and you have a solid start to an easy, inexpensive dinner.

While Costo does not offer trial memberships, if you are looking to see the savings for yourself, you can ask a friend who is a member to invite you along as existing members are allowed to bring in up to two guests for a visit. For those looking to take the Costco plunge, keep an eye out on daily-deal websites for discounted memberships or discounted bundles that include store gift cards, and discounts on additional services in-store and online.