These new faves actually got me through the week.
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My Picks T-Shirts
Credit: ByBadal/Babbu the Painter

I’m glad we can all collectively agree that January felt about 13 months long—but we’ve (finally) made it to the end with plenty of food-centric holidays in near sight: Super Bowl, Mardi Gras, and Valentine’s Day are right around the corner. Here are three products that helped me get through the last week of this glacially slow month (or are on my “To buy immediately” list).

This CucinaPro Pasta Maker.

Cucina Pro 2
Credit: Amazon


There are some grocery store staples that I pick up so routinely, I forget that they’re worth a shot (and actually possible) to make at home—noodles and pasta being one of them. This weekend, a few friends got together to make homemade pasta, and it was a definite win. We used a CucinaPro Pasta Maker, and the process was much easier than we thought it would be, made more effortless by the number of people helping out and cleaning up. We made Cacio e Pepe, and unanimously agreed that it was worth the effort of cranking it out by hand. The noodles have more of a delightful toothiness to them than the boxed stuff, they look beautiful, and the pride of eating handmade noodles definitely made them taste better. If you’re looking for a gift or a fun activity to do on a date night (*ahem* Valentine’s Day, maybe?) with someone who loves cooking and would be willing to learn a new kitchen skill, making homemade pasta is the perfect activity.

These T-shirts by two of my favorite graphic designers.

Two of my favorite artists on Instagram both happened to drop the most awesome printed T-shirts this week, and I am hardcore pining for them: the “Samosas/Mimosas” shirt by Badal Patel (because, duh—it’s adorable) and the “Me and My Roster” shirt by Babbu the Painter.

My Picks T-Shirts
Credit: ByBadal/Babbu the Painter

ByBadal/Babbu the Painter

For anyone who grew up with South Asian family members, you’re very familiar with the pantry staples on the shirt, but for those of you who need a little explanation: From left to right, Maggi noodles are like instant ramen, but with Indian spices. It’s comfort food. It’s late-night food. It’s “I haven’t grocery shopped in a week so I’ll throw some veggies in this and call it a day” kind of food.

The bottle is Limca, which is a citrusy soda from India. Kurkure is a brand of chips similar to Cheetos—but instead of cheese, they’re doused in fiery chili powder and spices. I’ve spent many family road trips devouring these, chugging water, and then demanding bathroom breaks way too frequently. Frooti is probably the most sugary, definitely-not-good-for-you “juice” drink in the world. It’s like Sunny D, but mango flavored. And last on the roster are Parle-G, which are tea biscuits that South Asian grocers practically give away by the box for about 25 cents. This is the entirety of my culinary childhood printed on one shirt and I’m obsessed.