Hint: we now have leftovers for a week.

If you were to guess the most Googled recipe of 2019, your first thoughts might be something involving cauliflower, faux meat, or oat milk. To our delight, it was none of those things. In fact, it’s not exactly meat-free, dairy-free, or low-carb in the slightest.

Yep, the most Googled recipe of 2019 was Shepherd’s Pie with Onions and Cheddar.

WATCH: How to Make Shepherd's Pie with Onions and Cheddar

Although it sounds delicious, you might still find this surprising. Of all the meals made around the country, you might not suspect this one in particular to have much of a fan base.

Here’s our theory: It’s warm, it’s comforting, and it’s loaded with familiar flavors. Originating from Ireland, a country known for its sparse spice cabinet, this dish doesn’t contain many flavors that will overwhelm or offend the palate. Therefore, it’s pretty much as family-friendly as dinner gets.

It’s also known to be a penny-pinching dish, likely invented as a way to utilize food scraps. When a budget dinner can hold that much flavor, it’s a win in our book.

The key to making this dish come together quickly is all in the ability to multitask. As Nicole demonstrates, having a large stovetop with the caramelized onions, potatoes, and meaty filling going simultaneously will cut back on your kitchen time significantly.

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You can sub out a different kind of meat to change the flavor or lighten up the dish, but technically speaking, lamb is the only kind of protein used in a true shepherd’s pie. (Get it, lamb … shepherd?) If you opt for beef, you’re actually making a cottage pie, but it’ll still be dang delicious.

Not only does this recipe taste incredible, it’s also quite a looker, whether you stick with a traditional casserole pan or try out a prettier pie pan like Nicole. But beware, this is one meal with some serious height, so stuff with caution.

If you’re used to a creamy mashed potato topping, this family feast might not look like the pie you’d expect, but as our test kitchen tasters have proven, this popular dish is well worth its Google ranking.