The Peach Truck might be coming your way.

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Of all the summertime fruits, the one that I wait for with the most anticipation are peaches. Here in New York, they don’t start arriving at farmers’ markets until July, and though there are perfectly nice peaches from New Jersey and elsewhere, I always feel a little twang of longing for the kind of peaches I grew up with in Alabama. Those big, juicy, grab-them-by-the-roadside-on-the-way-to-the-beach peaches. These peaches are fragile, tender creatures, best eaten as soon as they’re ripe, ideally over the kitchen sink so the juice can drip directly down the drain. Until fairly recently, obtaining a good Georgia or Alabama peach would have required a plane ticket, or at the very least, a willing accomplice to lovingly pack and ship some.

That changed thanks to The Peach Truck, a husband-and-wife led operation that brings great, juicy peaches all over the country. The company started in Nashville, where Stephen and Jessica Rose first began delivering just-off-the-tree specimens to chefs and eager peach consumers. But this summer, The Peach Truck is going national, taking the best peaches in the country around the Midwest, Northeast, Texas, and Florida. If you’re lucky enough to be at one of the locations where the peaches are being peddled, you can buy them directly by the 25-pound box.

Even if you aren’t going to be around one of The Peach Truck stops, you can still get your hands on great Georgia peaches through mid-August by ordering them online. For $42, you’ll get a box of 13 ripe peaches delivered to your door in packaging that prevents them from turning into fruity mush. They’re sold out for this year, but if you want, you can even buy a subscription to get boxes of peaches sent to you throughout the season.

Once you have these incredible peaches, what should you do with them, aside from eating them directly over the sink? So glad you asked. The Peach Truck has their very own cookbook that launched last month, full of great suggestions. And remember peach cobbler? Yeah, go ahead and make a cobbler. Now that you don’t have to be in Georgia to get the best peaches in the country, the possibilities really open up.