Not a fan of plain water? Cirkul can help you hit your hydration goals.
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No matter the decade, “drink water” remains a popular health admonition among nutrition and health organizations. And for good reason—while a CDC study conducted between 2009 and 2012 found that most Americans were adequately hydrated, it also found that a majority of that hydration came from sodas and juices and various foods, rather than water directly. Especially in the warmer months, staying properly hydrated is essential, but many of us seem to need more than just water to keep our thirst quenched.

That tendency to reject plain water is definitely one I share with other juice and soda lovers out there. Historically, water has only been something I’ve sought out when I’m past the point of parched, or when it’s at least been flavored with a bit of lemon or lime. So when I began seeing advertisements for a bottle that promised to help me love drinking water, I was more than a little bit skeptical. But Cirkul, a drink company that hopes to change people’s relationship with water, has so far been an overall boon to my everyday routine. Since purchasing a stainless steel bottle with the company, I’ve started sipping iced water throughout my day, rather than only downing the occasional glass.

Cirkul water bottles
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Cirkul’s system is meant to appeal specifically to others who have historically struggled with plain water. While the 22-ounce bottle used with the system is fairly standard, the lid is uniquely shaped to fit with Cirkul’s flavor cartridges, each of which has its own nozzle and lid. The cartridges also contain a package of liquid flavoring, similar to Mio or other liquid water enhancers that act similarly to powdered drinks. The cartridges’ primary feature is a dial which numbers from zero to ten, allowing the user to adjust how much flavor they want in each sip. Not only does this dial allow the person drinking to change the intensity, but it also allows them to switch back to plain water whenever they’d like. Since the cartridge flavors each sip, instead of an entire bottle at a time, Cirkul also advertises that its cartridges can last for up to six bottles on the medium setting, though I’ve had a couple of cartridges last for 10 or more.

Cirkul cartridges might seem a little pricey up front. The cartridges, which come in more than 40 flavors, cost about $3.75, though they go down in price if you buy in bulk. When you consider that each cartridge makes at least six bottles though, the price breaks down to about $0.63 per bottle when the cartridges are bought at full price. That’s cheaper than the price for some 20 ounce bottled waters, a fact that Cirkul argues can help families save money—if not on bottled water, then certainly on sodas and juices. And for those who worry about landfill waste, Cirkul reassures customers that its cartridges can be recycled, though some users may have to call their local waste departments to make sure they will be accepted.

The company’s cartridges also come in a variety of different formats to meet the needs of different customers. Some come in unsweetened form, while others are caffeinated or enhanced with vitamins and electrolytes. Most of the company’s fruit flavors pack a delicious punch; the Blackberry GoSip and Peach Tea are particular favorites in my household. Their coffee flavors didn’t quite hit the mark, given that they tasted like coffee flavored water, but the wide array of other options more than make up for those disappointing products.

For those who have already mastered the process of enjoying plain water, Cirkul may not be a necessary product. But if you’re looking to cut down on sodas or other drinks, or you’re just hoping to increase your intake of H20, Cirkul can definitely help you find the sweeter side of staying hydrated.

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