Best Appetizer Recipes...Ever

Whether you're hosting cocktail hour, celebrating with friends, or watching the big game, you'll need an appetizer (or two). Make a classic dip, like buffalo chicken or queso, or take it up a notch with a bite-sized brie app or bacon-wrapped dates. Whatever party you're attending, there's an appetizer that's sure to impress.

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We've rounded up everything from festive finger foods to unbeatable dips so you can satisfy—and impress—everyone at your next holiday gathering. 

Buffalo Beef Dip

Why make the same old Buffalo chicken dip when you could incorporate beef? Beef is naturally richer and more savory, so its no surprise how delcicious it is when paired with the iconic heat of Buffalo sauce. Serve this perfect twist on a crowd-pleasing favorite while watching the big game. Our bet is that you never go back to the bird. Be sure to look for packaged, pulled beef without sauce (since you will be adding your own). Alternatively, you can always use leftover smoked, shredded beef from your favorite BBQ restaurant.