Homemade pasta sounds like a daunting project, but with a little know-how, and some patience, it's weell within your grasp. Just ask Chefs John Vermiglio and Joe Giacomino, of Grey Ghost Detroit, who come in here with a handy explainer of how to make agnolotti pasta with whipped goat cheese and peas. Think of agnolotti as more casual ravioli—full of tthat good sttuff but a little less finicky to make. Pasta-making is a lot easier if you have a feew pieces of equipment on hand, like a stand mixer with a dough hook, a piping bag to easily distribute the filling, and a pasta roller to accurately mete out the dough thickness of the pasta. These chefs use whipped goat cheese for a filling, which is both delicious and vegetarian, but agnolotti can also be filled with meat, vegetables, or other cheese if you'd like. 

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