Pinto Bean Recipes

Get the best quick-and-easy recipes using pinto beans as a key ingredient.

Our Best Pinto Bean Recipes

Fat Jeff's Fat Tire Beans Sunset January 2016 Cheesy, Smoky Pinto Beans Cooking Light October 2015 Vegetable and Pinto Bean Enchiladas MyRecipes September 2013 Pinto, Black, and Red Bean Salad with Grilled Corn and Avocado Cooking Light June 2012 Tacos with Sweet Potatoes and Pinto Beans MyRecipes January 2010 Smothered Squash And Pinto Beans Oxmoor House January 2002 Smoky Seitan, Pinto Bean, and Hominy Stew Cooking Light November 2007 Hubbard Squash and Pinto Bean Stew Cooking Light December 2005 Braised Kale with Pinto Beans and Pancetta Cooking Light November 2005 Pinto Bean Chili with Corn and Winter Squash Cooking Light October 2004