Lo Mein Recipes

Check out our favorite quick and easy lo mein recipes and make a favorite Asian dish in a fraction of the time.

Our Best Lo Mein Recipes

Brussels Sprouts and Shiitake Lo Mein Sunset January 2012 Pork Lo Mein MyRecipes September 2011 Lo Mein with Tofu Cooking Light April 2010 Vegetable and Chicken Lo Mein Sunset September 2008 Vegetable Lo Mein with Edamame and Mustard Greens Cooking Light March 2007 Five-Spice Pork Lo Mein Cooking Light July 2005 Beef-Broccoli Lo Mein Cooking Light October 2003 Curried Vegetable Lo Mein Health January 2003 Saucy Chicken Lo Mein Health September 2001 Stir-Fried Chicken with Vegetables and Lo Mein Noodles Cooking Light November 1999