Grilled Seafood Appetizers

Rev up your appetite with smoky, saucy, and all-around scrumptious seafood appetizers that will impress a crowd.

  • Barbecued Bacon Shrimp

    Barbecued Bacon Shrimp

    The most delectable surf-and-turf combo imaginable, bacon-wrapped shrimp are the perfect starter for a casual beach feast of grilled seafood. To make them easy to assemble and cook, be sure to buy regular (not thick-sliced) bacon.

    Recipe: Barbecued Bacon Shrimp

  • Grilled Shrimp with Sangrita
    Photo: France Ruffenach

    Grilled Shrimp with Sangrita

    Marinating shrimp in a seafood brine ensures moisture retention and enhances the flavors of this exquisite hors d'oeuvre. Score big with guests by pairing with tangy sangrita and a glass of crisp white wine. You'll score big with guests at your next party.

    Recipe: Grilled Shrimp with Sangrita

  • Grilled Oysters with Chipotle Glaze

    Grilled Oysters with Chipotle Glaze

    For pure impact, you can't beat two dozen oysters on the half shell set in a sparkling bed of salt. Marinated in a tequila-lime mixture before receiving a gloss of chipotle cream on the grill, these bivalves have it all: salt, smoke, and spice.

    Recipe: Grilled Oysters with Chipotle Glaze

  • Deviled Shrimp

    Deviled Shrimp

    Whole tomatoes, garlic cloves, and slices of onion are charred on a hot skillet, then blended with chipotles to create the devilishly smoky salsa that serves as both marinade and dipping sauce. To keep the morsels especially juicy, use deveined, unshelled shrimp. If you prefer easier eating, however, purchase shelled shrimp instead.

    Recipe: Deviled Shrimp

  • Diver Scallops Grilled on Rosemary

    Diver Scallops Grilled on Rosemary

    When it comes to easy preparation, this four-ingredient appetizer can't be beat. Just soak sprigs of fresh rosemary in water for 20 minutes to prevent them from burning. Thread sweet sea scallops onto the sprigs, then place them on the grill. Three minutes later, the scallops will be perfectly cooked and infused with the herb's woodsy aroma.

    Recipe: Diver Scallops Grilled on Rosemary

  • Grilled Clams with Sambuca and Italian Sausage

    Grilled Clams with Sambuca and Italian Sausage

    For a seafood starter that meat-lovers will adore, look no further. A hearty mixture of Italian sausage and breadcrumbs tops each clam; a splash of licorice-flavored liqueur really enhances the flavor. Be sure to use a vegetable or shellfish grate when grilling, or choose clams large enough to be set directly on the grill rack.

    Recipe: Grilled Clams with Sambuca and Italian Sausage

  • Scallops with Celery Root Salad

    Scallops with Celery Root Salad

    While the grill is most often used for casual meals, it can be just as effective for classy celebrations. Here, grilled jumbo scallops are plated on a bed of celery root rémoulade, a cool and creamy French sauce spiked with mustard. For a truly over-the-top experience, garnish each scallop with a spoonful of caviar and pair with Sauvignon Blanc.

    Recipe: Scallops with Celery Root Salad

  • Shrimp Bruschetta

    Shrimp Bruschetta

    Bruschetta is quick, easy, and simply delicious, making it a year-round favorite appetizer. In this version, sweet shrimp join tomato, garlic, and parsley to create a bright, flavorful topping for garlicky grilled toasts.

    Recipe: Shrimp Bruschetta

  • Ginger Shrimp Mini Skewers

    Ginger Shrimp Mini Skewers

    Ginger, spring onions, and soy sauce give these tiny skewers a tasty Asian twist. Pass a plate of these on the deck while sipping chilled sake or iced green tea.

    Recipe: Ginger Shrimp Mini Skewers

  • Oysters on the Half-Shell with Grilled Garden Salsa
    Photo: Thomas J. Story

    Oysters on the Half-Shell with Grilled Garden Salsa

    Planning a summer party? This fresh and flavorful display of oysters is a show-stopping appetizer option for any outdoor gathering.
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