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Grilling experts share their tips and secrets for great grilling and answer your burning questions.

  • 3 Essential Grill Tools

    What grilling tools do I really need to have?

    Find out why these 3 tools (tongs, a grill pan, and a brush) are must-haves for the grill.
  • Wood Chips

    Why should I use wood chips?

    Wood chips add a smoky flavor to the fire and your food. Here are the best ways to use them.
  • Charcoal Grill

    Is it better to use a gas grill or charcoal?

    It’s a matter of personal preference. Gas is quicker than charcoal, but with charcoal you can generate higher heat, even with the lid open. There are, however, some models of gas grills that have the same heat ranges as charcoal grills.

    For more grilling information, see Weber’s Time To Grill by Jamie Purviance.

  • How to Pick the Right Charcoal

    What's the best kind of charcoal to use?

    Watch here to learn the difference between natural and manmade charcoal and then pick your favorite.
  • How to Light a Charcoal Grill

    How do I light a charcoal grill?

    Here's how to start coals with a charcoal chimney.
  • Grilled Shrimp and Lemon Kebabs
    Photo: Quentin Bacon

    Can eating grilled foods cause cancer?

    Research has found that grilling meats at high temperature for long periods produces chemicals that are linked to cancer risk. These chemicals form when fat from cooking meat drips onto a flame, heating element, or hot coals and produces smoke. The chemicals rise with the smoke and are deposited onto the food. The charred, blackened parts of grilled food contain the highest concentration of these chemicals. The American Cancer Society recommends that you not eat the charred or blackened bits on foods, use lean meats to minimize the fat that drips onto the fire and causes smoke, and select cuts of meat that cook quickly.

  • Gas grill

    Should I cook with the grill lid open or closed?

    According to the experts at Weber, you should keep the lid closed as much as possible, whether you’re using gas or charcoal. The lid limits the amount of air that gets to the fire, so keeping it closed helps prevent flare ups. It also helps the food cook more evenly because the top and bottom of the food is cooking simultaneously. Without the lid, the fire loses heat more quickly and some foods take longer to cook.

    For more grilling information, see Weber’s Time To Grill by Jamie Purviance.

  • Flare Ups

    How do I prevent flare ups?

    Learn how to handle grill flare ups to prevent food from burning.
  • Cutting Steaks

    How can I get the best steaks for grilling?

    Be your own butcher. Find out the proper way to cut your own steaks from a strip loin.
  • Oiling Food

    How can I keep foods from sticking to the grill?

    Keep food from sticking to the grill by oiling the food, NOT the grate. Here's why...
  • Touch Test

    How can I tell when my food is done?

    Try this simple test to determine if your food is done without using a thermometer.
  • Grill Thermometer

    What temperature should grilled foods be?

    See the MyRecipes Grill Timer to get the approximate cooking times and safe end temperatures for chicken, beef, pork, and seafood.

  • Vent Holes

    Do I keep the vent holes on my grill open or closed?

    Not sure when to keep vent holes open and when to close? Watch this video to learn the tricks.
  • How to Hand Test Grill for Temperature

    How do I know when the grill is hot enough?

    Here's how to make sure the grill is at the right temperature.
  • How to Baste Chicken on the Grill

    What's the best way to baste food on the grill?

    Keep your meat and poultry moist by basting during cooking.
  • Honey Barbecue Chicken

    Can I baste my food with the same mixture that I marinated in?

    No. If there were any bacteria in the raw meat, the bacteria can transfer to the marinade mixture and back to the meat again if you baste with the same marinade. Either make a separate mixture for basting, reserve part of the original mixture before marinating, or put the marinade mixture that touched raw meat in a saucepan and boil for at least one minute before reusing.

  • How to Grill Kebabs

    What's the best way to grill kebabs?

    From lamb to fish, learn the best tricks for successful and tasty skewers.
  • How to Use a Grill Basket

    How do I use a grill basket?

    Learn the advantages of cooking fish, shrimp, and vegetables in basket.
  • How to Grill on a Wooden Plank

    How do I grill on a plank?

    Let us teach you how to grill with soaked wooden planks for moist, smoky fish.
  • Shrimp

    How do I keep the shrimp from spinning on the skewers when I turn them?

    To keep them from spinning, skewer each shrimp twice—once near the head and once near the tail end. Then you can just turn the whole skewer without having to turn individual shrimp.

  • Sweeping Grill Ash

    How can I keep my fire from losing heat?

    Keep your fire from losing heat by sweeping away the ash from the bottom of the grill.
  • Weber's Way to Grill

    Weber's Way to Grill

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