Hot Gifts for Grilling

Give the master of the grill what he really wants: the latest in grilling accessories.

  • Team Spirit Grill Cover

    Team Spirit Grill Cover

    You're sure to score points when the recipient opens this gift. Ideal for the sports fanatic, this grill cover from lets him show off his favorite college, NFL, or Major League Baseball team. Each one is designed to replicate his favorite team's jersey, so when dad dons his game-day duds, the grill will be dressed to match. These weatherproof covers fit most standard grills measuring 41" x 60" x 19.5".

  • "Dad" Branding Iron

    "Dad" Branding Iron

    Dad reigns supreme at the grill when he has his very own "Dad" branding iron from Like a king with his scepter, dad rules the grill with his newfound ability to leave his signature on every piece of meat. The iron can also brand wood, leather and even tortillas!
  • Grill Griddle

    Grill Griddle

    Fried eggs and pancakes on the grill? You bet! Dazzle the kids by making breakfast on the grill. The Wilton Armetale Grillware Griddle has a cooking surface that heats quickly and evenly on the grill and then doubles as a stylish serving platter for quick and easy cleanup. When grilling season ends, use it on the stovetop or in the oven–the options are endless.

  • BBQ Tool Belt

    BBQ Tool Belt

    The Original Grillslinger BBQ Tool System is just that, an entire system dedicated to making the cook's grilling experience easier and more efficient. Complete with a spatula, knife, and tongs, the tool system keeps everything he needs for a successful grilling experience within arms reach, literally. The tool belt also has extra pockets and pouches for stashing a secret spice rub, basting sauce, or even cell phone.
  • Meat Marinator

    Meat Marinator

    Perfect for the meat lover who enjoys a flavorful and juicy piece of meat but frequently forgets to marinate overnight, the Virtuoso Reveo by Eastman is a must-buy. This revolutionary product infuses meats with a rich flavor in only 2 to 20 minutes (depending on the ingredient) instead of 4 to 24 hours. The time-saving secret is a high powered vacuum that stretches and opens the fibers of the meat allowing the marinade flavors to deeply penetrate. The result–a tender, juicy entrée.

  • Table Grill

    Table Grill

    Anyone can now enjoy a barbecue at the beach, park, tailgate, or campground with the Eva Solo Multipurpose Table Grill. This convenient, portable grill is ideal for the adventuresome cook that enjoys quality cooking where ever he goes. It also is functional and simple to use requiring only charcoal and of course, your ingredients. Gather the family around this hibachi-style grill for a satisfying meal.

  • Wireless Remote Grilling Thermometer

    Wireless Remote Grilling Thermometer

    What family doesn’t need another remote? This remote thermometer helps take the guesswork out of grilling with its programmed settings for seven types of meat. You can carry it with you as you mingle with guests – an alarm lets you know when your food is ready.

  • Monogrammed Grill Tools Set

    Monogrammed Grill Tools Set

    Just in case you need to remind everyone who is the master of the grill, don’t go another grilling season without these monogrammed grill tools. Not only do they help making grilling easier, you’ll look cool using them.

  • Barbecue Apron with Bottle Opener

    Barbecue Apron with Bottle Opener

    You’ll never need to leave your grill duty to open a cold beverage when you have this handy apron with a bottle opener attached. However, it’s up to you to make sure the cooler is in arm’s reach.

  • Cast Iron Grilled Pizza Set

    Cast Iron Grilled Pizza Set

    Who would think you could make pizza on the grill? This cast iron grill set from Cuisinart makes it possible. The set includes everything you need to make pizza on the go—a 12-inch cast iron pizza platter, a bamboo pizza peel, and a stainless steel serving tray. This set is a fun gift for the family and will be a hit at the next barbecue.

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