Browsing Recipes

What is the Browse Recipes feature?

This is a systematic way of looking through the recipes in Kitchen Assistant by narrowing down results category by category. This method is especially helpful if you're not sure exactly what type of recipes you are looking for. Back to top

How do I browse recipes?

Start by selecting a choice listed under any of the categories, which are Main Ingredients, Courses, Occasions, Cuisines, Conveniences, Prep & Equipment, Dietary Considerations, and Publications. You will get all the recipes that fall under your first choice. For instance, if you selected Thanksgiving from the Occasions category, you will get a large number of recipes.

You can refine your results by any of the other categories, which are listed at the top of the page. Select a category, say Conveniences, and below you'll see all of the choices in the category with a number in parentheses just after it. That number indicates how many recipes there are within both the first choice you made, in this case Thanksgiving, and the next choice you may make in the Conveniences category. Should you select Quick/Easy, the recipe results will become smaller, to include only recipes that are both Thanksgiving and Quick/Easy. You can continue to narrow down the recipe results in any or all of the categories until you find the types of recipes you want.

Once you have results, you may want to search within the results using an ingredient keyword not found in the browse options. Type the ingredient or ingredients in the search box located near the top left of the page and select "Find Recipes." Your results will now include only recipes that fall into the browse categories you selected and the keywords you entered.

The recipes in browse results automatically are listed in A-Z order. To change the order, use the "Sort results by" pulldown menu near the top left of the page. You can sort recipes by ratings, those with menus, those with photos, or by publication. Back to top