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Go beyond orange juice and boost your daily dose of vitamin C with great-tasting recipes featuring strawberries, papaya, broccoli and bell peppers.

  • Choose Vitamin C

    Choose Vitamin C

    Vitamin C is chockfull of energy-boosting, disease-preventing, and age-defying benefits. Need to fight a cold? Get fewer wrinkles? Keep your immune system strong? This antioxidant fits the bill. The Institute of Medicine recommends a minimum daily intake of 75 milligrams for the average woman. The following recipes represent the best way to get vitamin C because they are low in fat and include other nutrients such as vitamin A and fiber, like this Grapefruit Brulée from Sunset.
  • Papayas


    A vitamin C powerhouse, one papaya contains 188 mg of the disease-fighting nutrient. Add this lush tropical fruit to your diet in the form of a zesty fruit salsa. Recipe:Broiled Lamb with Cilantro-Papaya Salsa
  • Oranges


    Citrus fruits–including oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, lemons, and limes–are the best-known sources of vitamin C, One orange contains 70 mg of vitamin C. Try our recipe for Beef, Orange, and Gorgonzola Sandwiches to boost your intake. Oranges are used as a topping, adding a sweetly refreshing note to the savory flank steak and blue cheese. Recipe:Beef, Orange, and Gorgonzola Sandwiches
  • Broccoli


    This 25-minute, low-calorie soup packs a powerful vitamin C punch. Include it in your weeknight dinner rotation as well as simple sides of steamed broccoli–one cup provides over 100 percent of the recommended daily amount. Recipe:Broccoli and Cheese Soup
  • Brussels Sprouts

    Brussels Sprouts

    You knew there was a reason why Mom wanted you to eat up during holiday dinners. Brussels sprouts, as well as other members of the cruciferous vegetable family, boast cancer-fighting vitamins A and C, plus fiber. In this 25-minute recipe, the sprouts are roasted, making them exceptionally sweet and tender. Recipe:Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Creamy Mustard Sauce
  • Strawberries


    Another great reason to eat strawberries: one cup contains 85 mg of vitamin C. With less than 250 calories per serving, Cooking Light's strawberry shortcake is a healthy dessert packed with more benefits than simply sensational flavor. Recipe:Strawberry Shortcake
  • Kiwis


    Make your cocktail work for you. A fun twist on a classic summertime drink, this Kiwi Colada recipes uses 5 kiwifruit. One kiwi contains 70 mg of vitamin C, so you can have your cocktail and vitamins, too. Recipe:Kiwi Colada
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