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"Why You Love Your Friends" Recipe

  • Yield: 4 servings


  • 1 Bowl cereal (gotta have your bowl)
  • 1 Front seat
  • 1 Back seat (pick one)
  • 20 "fun"
  • 1 convertable vehicle top down
  • 1 friend by your right


Step 1 - At 7AM wake up in the morning, get fresh, go downstairs. Have 1 bowl cereal.

Step 2 - Seeing everything, with the time going, ticking on and on, everybody's rushing.

Step 3 - Get down to your bus stop, but don't actually catch your bus.

Step 4 - See your friends.

Step 5 - Kicking in the front seat, also kicking in the back seat, pick which seat to take.

Step 6 - Establish what day of the week it is.

Step 7 - Get down.

Step 8 - Ask everybody what they're looking forward to.

Step 9 - Party, Party. (Yeah)

Step 10 - Party, Party. (Yeah)

Step 11 - Add four funs

Step 12 - Look forward to the weekend.

Step 13 - At 7:45, drive down the highway, cruise so fast you don't want time to fly.

Step 14 - Think about three funs (you know what it is)

Step 15 - Get this. Have someone else get this.

Step 16 - Make sure your friend is at your right and get this, then have someone else get this. Now you know it.

Repeat steps 6 through 12.

Step 17 - Establish what yesterday was. Establish what today.

Step 18 - Express excitement for multiple people, including yourself, and what kind of time you're going to have today.

Step 19 - Establish what day tomorrow is, establish what comes afterwards.

Step 20 - express hesitation about the weekend coming to an end.

Step 21 - Initiate rap verse, including 1 fun.

Repeat steps 6 through 12

Repeat steps 6 through 12 again.


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