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Waltz en Focaccia

This is my first full on "all me" recipe offer and it was an accident of compulsion. 1AM in the WinCo parking lot after my first visit, hungry and unwilling to go buy mustard I tried something odd. Honey! Next thing you know I had a concoction that left one co-worker claiming to be speechless. I'm using the brand names simply because I have yet to trying other incredients and these all worked so well together. To me, you can taste all the different flavors at the same time without any one part seeming to over power the other. The sweetness of the honey can be too strong if you use too much, but otherwise it softly mutes the spice of the cheeses. The bread and salami are the leaders because their scents are so potent, but they leave you with more of a "feeling" rather than a stronger flavor. Sort of an grown-ups sandwich, it still makes for great picnic food that could be paired well with a light, fruity wine or sangria. At least, that's my guess. Thank you for trying my dish.

  • Yield: 1 serving ( Serving Size: sandwich )
  • Prep time:10 Minutes
  • Cook time:0 Minute


  • 12 slice(s) Busseto Foods Italian Dry Salami coated with Herbs and Spices
  • 1 slice(s) Finlandia Chipotle Jack Cheese
  • 1 slice(s) Finlandia Jalapeno Munster Cheese
  • Green Leaf Lettuce
  • 2 slice(s) Sacrmento Baking Company Focaccia Bread
  • Sliced Red Onion Rings
  • WinCo Bulk Blackberry Honey


A sandwich is a sandwich, but I make sure to put the salami on the honey. THINLY slice the red onion so that it doesn't offer too much of a bite and use only a small amount of lettuce so it doesn't water down the flavor. Neither of these are needed and simply bulk the sandwich up a bit. The onion DOES add an extra kick that helps really make this stand out.

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