Light Opera Fudge

  • JoanneGreen Posted: 07/21/13
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    I've made this recipe for years, first with my mother as a little girl. Now, I make it for holidays as gifts. My daughter and granddaughter think it's supposed to be part of their Christmas gifts! Make sure your candy thermometer is accurate, don't make it on a rainy day, and don't burn it. You must stir it while cooking! While beating, when it is good to pour, the candy will just start to turn a duller color, losing some of it's gloss. This is the point you can pour it out into your pan or plate. If you've cooked it correctly, it will harden fast, so work quickly, scraping the pan and spreading the candy out to fit your container. Save a few pieces for yourself . . . it will disappear!